How to Print on Canvas: 4 Easy Steps

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Read our simple guide for how to print on canvas. Thanks to the rise of mass-customisation services online, it’s easier than ever!

If you have an image that you want to turn into a canvas print, we’re ready to help you. We can handle virtually the entire process – all you need is a digital version of the image you want to print and a few spare minutes.

The process is surprisingly fast…and amazingly good value.

And at the end of the process a gallery-standard print on canvas will arrive at your door, ready-wrapped on a premium wooden frame.

Sound good? Just follow the steps below!

Step 1: Make a digital copy of your image

If you’re printing a photo, in this day and age the chances are that it will already be in digital form, so you’re good to go! The same goes for logos and other graphics.

How to Print on Canvas. Beautiful photo canvas print displayed in living room.

If however you want to print an image you’ve only got in physical form, you’ll need to make a digital copy before you can print it on canvas with MYPICTURE.

Try one of the following options:

Step 2: Upload your image to our website

Go to our canvas prints product page and click “UPLOAD PHOTOS”. You’ll be prompted to browse your device for the image file you want.

How to Print on Canvas. canvas product page.

Our system will then check your image to make sure it’s suitable for our production process. If it is, you’ll be taken straight to the product design page.

Note: If there’s any problem with the upload, you’ll see one of the following error messages:

“Image resolution insufficient”:

Our site will automatically reject photos with a low resolution (pixel count). This is to avoid grainy/blurry prints.

If you see this error message, your photo has a resolution too low even for our smallest format. The minimum is 310 x 310 pixels. So you’ll need to try again using an image with a higher pixel count.

“Invalid file format”:

If you see this error message, most likely your image file was uploaded in the wrong format. We can only accept images in .JPG, .JPEG, .PNG, or .GIF format.

Step 3: Customise your canvas

How to Print on Canvas. Choosing your canvas size.

As you make your choices, they’ll be reflected in a handy preview window to the top right of the page, showing you a mock-up of how your finished canvas will look.

Let’s talk you through the choices one by one.

1) Choose Format

Here you’ll see a list of sizes available for your canvas print, with the price listed for each one. Just choose the one that suits your wall art plans – and your pocket.

Note: The smallest print we produce is 20 x 20cm, and the largest a whopping 120 x 80cm. However, you might not see some of our bigger formats available. Why is this?

It’s a question of print quality. Low-resolution images blown up to large sizes can appear blurry, so if your photo has a low pixel count our system will automatically limit the print sizes you’re offered.

2) Choose Hanger Set

To make the whole process as easy as possible for you, we offer a special canvas hanging kit for a small extra price. Just click here to add it to your order.

3) Choose Frame Thickness

Our canvas frames come with a default thickness of 2cm. Even with this slim design, they’re wonderfully stable items. But if you want something even sturdier, you can request our extra-chunky XXL frame (4cm thick) here. The small extra cost you’ll need to pay will be clearly indicated.

Note: XXL frames are only available for certain formats.

4) Choose Edge Design

Your canvas will arrive wrapped over on a pine stretcher frame, and the sections of canvas covering the edges of the frame are printed too. Here you can choose what print option you want for your print edges: Stretched, Folded, Mirrored, Black or White.

Note: If you choose the Folded edge design, the outer margins of your photo will appear on the sides of your print. With the other designs, the whole of your photo appears on the front of your canvas – so choose one of these if any important details lie near the edges of your image.

5) Choose Premium Frame

For an extra cost, we offer an optional decor frame with your canvas. Note that if you choose the decor frame, it will come in addition to the internal wooden stretcher frame.

Our premium frames come in a striking “shadow gap” design, with a space left between the printed canvas and the outer frame. It looks fantastic, trust us on this.

6) Choose Effect

This lets you convert a colour photo file to monochrome if you wish to.

Step 4: Complete your order and wait for delivery

How to Print on Canvas. Photo canvas print of young couple in modern interior.

Once you’ve made all your customisation choices and you’re happy with how your product looks in the preview window, just click “Continue to Shopping Cart”.

Then check that your order looks right, continue to checkout, and complete your order. We’ll get straight to work printing your unique canvas.

Delivery Times:

All our products are made to order, but we’ve developed such a streamlined production process that your prints are ready for despatch lightning fast. In the case of canvas prints, just 24 hours after payment is processed!

Our UK delivery times for canvas prints are as follows:

Total delivery time: 4-6 working days

*Applies only to regular canvas orders (without XXL stretcher frames or additional decor frames).

How much does it cost to print on canvas?

How to Print on Canvas. Adorable canvas prints with mother and daughter photos.

Provided you choose to print your canvas with MYPICTURE, we think you’ll be surprised by just how affordable it can be.

We’re a discount print provider, offering reductions of up to 80% off the recommended retail price. Our smallest canvas, the 20 x 20cm print, costs just £6. Yes, £6 for personalised wall art!

But that doesn’t mean we compromise on quality. We keep costs low by automating our production processes as much as possible, maximising production volumes, and relying on economies of scale. And we pass those savings on to you the customer.

That’s why we can offer prices like these:

1) Square Formats

Format Price

20 x 20cm

40 x 40cm

60 x 60cm

80 x 80cm





2) Landscape/Portrait Formats

Format Price

30 x 20cm

40 x 30cm

60 x 40cm

75 x 50cm

80 x 60cm

90 x 60cm

100 x 75cm

120 x 80cm









3) Panoramic Formats

Format Price

60 x 30cm

80 x 40cm

100 x 50cm

120 x 60cm





What about shipping?

We charge just £6 for shipping to the UK mainland, no matter how many prints you order.

And if you order products worth £49 or more, delivery is absolutely FREE!

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