How to Make a Canvas Print from a Photo

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Want to know how to make a canvas print from a photo? We explain the whole process – from uploading your photo to hanging your print.

At MYPICTURE we’ve built up a loyal customer base by keeping things simple. Even if you’re new to the world of custom photo printing, we’re sure you’ll find using our service to be quick, easy and rewarding!

But just in case anything’s not clear, we’ve put together a list to talk you through each step of making a canvas print. We’ll explain exactly what you need to do.

We’ll also explain our production and delivery processes – what happens in-between the moment you complete your order and the moment your print arrives.

In Brief

In a hurry? Below we’ve summarised everything you need to do to get your canvas print, so just follow these instructions if you haven’t got time to read the whole article:

What you need to make a canvas print from a photo:

How to make a canvas print from a photo – in brief:

  1. Make copy of photo. Make digital copy of photo (if you don’t have one)

  2. Upload photo. Upload photo to MYPICTURE canvas print page

  3. Choose specifications. Choose format, frame thickness & edge design

  4. Proceed to cart. Proceed to shopping cart & complete order

  5. Wait for delivery. Wait for canvas to arrive at your door!

Step #1: Uploading Your Photo

The very first thing you need to do, of course, is choose the digital photo that you want printed. Enjoy looking through your collection and indulging in a bit of nostalgia!

There are two things to keep in mind when choosing your photo:

Once you’ve chosen, go to our Canvas Prints page and click “Upload Photos”.

How to make a canvas print from a photo. online shop page with upload button.

Our system will analyse your uploaded image to check if it’s suitable for our production process. All being well, Step #1 will then be complete!

Error Messages:

In the unlikely event that there’s an issue with the file, you might see the following error messages:


Step #2: Making Your Customisation Choices

After upload you’re taken to the Configurator. That’s our name for the page where you choose all the specifications for your print.

How to make canvas print from photo. Preview window with canvas formats and effects.

The customisation choices you need to make appear under these headers:

Choose the size format that you’d like for your print. Our system shows you only the formats which will achieve first-class results using your image – so you can choose any from the list available with complete confidence.

Some canvas formats are available only with our standard frame thickness of 2cm. Other formats give you the option of the XXL frame – a super-chunky 4cm thick!

Our canvas prints are wrapped over a real pine frame in the traditional style. The sections of canvas which appear to the sides of the frame can be printed according to five different designs: Stretched, Folded, Mirrored, Black or White.

More information available on the Canvas Prints product page

Some size formats give you the option of an additional outer Premium Frame in a range of sophisticated designs. The Premium Frame leaves a gap so that the canvas-wrapped edges of the inner frame remain visible. We call this the “floating” effect.

You have the option of a monochrome effect for your print.

Preview Window

A preview window in the top right-hand corner shows you how your final print will look. Every specification choice you make will immediately be reflected in the preview image.

You can also use the Add Text function underneath the preview window – this allows you to add your own quote or dedication in a range of colours, fonts and sizes.

Want to see it happen in real time? This short video shows you the whole ordering process from homepage to checkout.


When you’re happy that all your customisation choices are right, continue to the Shopping Cart and follow the checkout instructions. This should all be fairly straightforward.

Oh, and one more thing: we recommend adding our special Hanger Set to your order in the Cart. Available for just a small extra price, it’s sure to come in handy when you reach Step #5!


Step #3: Production

How to make canvas print from photo. Canvas printing press close up photo.

Well, for the time being you’ve done everything you need to do. Congratulations!

Now it’s our turn to leap into action and make sure a premium-quality personalised canvas gets dispatched to you in double-quick time.

The manufacturing process is a two-part operation: we print your image on canvas and then wrap the printed canvas on the wooden frame.

Part One: The Print

We use nothing but archival-grade canvas material for our prints. Our fabric has an exceptionally pure brilliant-white finish – making your image stand out with eye-popping clarity.

We use HP Latex Inks to reproduce your photo. These state-of-the-art inks were developed by HP with aqueous-dispersed polymer technology, designed to combine the best qualities of solvent-based and water-based inks.

HP Latex Inks give you the chemical stability of solvent-based inks – but they’re hypoallergenic and eco-friendly like water-based inks.

The result? Astonishingly intense colours that will last for at least 75 years before they begin to fade – printed on premium canvas using inks that are UV-resistant, toxin-free and safe for the whole family to use.

Part Two: The Frame

Our sturdy, lightweight stretcher bars are made with real pine (sourced from FSC-approved forests). Each frame is assembled by hand by our master craftsmen.

The printed canvas material for each print is then stretched over its frame – again, always by hand – to achieve the perfect degree of tension.

How Long Does Manufacturing Take?

For standard canvas prints (2cm thick, without Premium Frame), the entire manufacturing cycle is completed within just 24 hours of work beginning!


Step #4: Packaging and Delivery

How to make canvas print from photo. Canvas print shipping.

Our canvas prints are shrink-wrapped in protective foil before being packed manually with the utmost of care, before being handed over to a trusted shipping partner.

Most of our orders are delivered by UPS.

Smaller packages (for orders of only 1 or 2 articles of up to 40 x 30cm in size) may be delivered by Royal Mail (UK) or An Post (Ireland).

How Long Does Delivery Take?

Orders to mainland Britain and Ireland will be shipped in just 3-5 working days from the moment of dispatch.


Step #5: Hanging Your Print

How to Make a Canvas Print from a Photo. Beautiful canvas print in living room.

Once your beautiful canvas print has arrived, you’ll want to get it on the wall as soon as possible. Canvas is fairly lightweight and won’t need too much support. But we recommend you use our special Hanger Set for best results.

The Hanger Set can be included in your order for a small extra cost. Each set can be used for either of two hanging techniques – one recommended for smaller prints, the other for larger prints.

Below is a quick how-to for each hanging technique. More detailed instructions are available in our blog post How to Hang a Canvas Print – Large or Small (link below).

Hanging Smaller Prints

How to make canvas print from photo. Canvas hanger set for small canvas prints.

1) Insert the nails into your wall close together and on an even plane.

2) Screw the sawtooth hanger (with its serrated edge facing downwards) to the back of your canvas at the top.

3) Simply rest the sawtooth hanger on the heads of the nails.

Hanging Larger Prints

How to make canvas print from photo. Canvas Hanger set for large canvas prints.​​

1) Attach the picture hooks to the back of your canvas, one at each side and on an even plane, with the eyelets facing each other.

2) Thread the cord through the eyelets and tie it at the ends to make a loop.

3) Insert the nails into the wall a reasonable distance apart from each other.

4) Simply rest one length of the loop of cord on the nails to support the frame.


Final Word

The whole process – from choosing your photo to getting your print up on the wall – will be over before you know it. And you’ll have a brand-new piece of premium wall art, ready to be admired by all.

If you’re happy with our service and the quality of our canvas prints – and we’re sure you will be – why not take a look at our other Wall Decoration, Home & Lifestyle and Photo Gift items?

Once people have bought their first MYPICTURE print, it’s usually not long before they’re thinking about their second!

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