Our popular photo blocks

Photo Acrylic Block

  • Flawless acrylic glass in generous depth
  • Superbly crisp image definition
from £14.00 £55.90¹
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  • Mini blocks made to mingle!
  • Vibrant 5 x 5cm photo print
each £6.00 £19.90¹
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Photo Wooden Block

  • Beautiful direct print on natural wood
  • 20 x 15cm format with fade-out effect
£19.90 £29.90¹
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  • Dinky wooden decor blocks
  • 5 x 5cm prints perfect for group display
each £6.00 £19.90¹
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Snow Globe Photo Frame

  • Photo in 15 x 10cm acrylic glitter frame
  • Shake frame for “snow globe” effect
£11.00 £35.00¹
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Photo Heart

  • Free-standing ornament in acrylic glass
  • Captivating “3D” depth effect
£9.00 £26.90¹
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Personalised Photo Blocks: Your Memories Captured Forever

Our personalised photo blocks are beautiful free-standing items that will grace any desk or shelf. Go full-size or miniature, with a choice of flawless acrylic glass or fine-grained wood. You can even create your own winter wonderland with our enchanting “snow globe” picture frame!

Photo Blocks with Your Pictures

  • Top-quality acrylic glass or wood
  • Full-size items or mini MIXBLOX
  • Effortless free-standing design
  • Exceptionally fine printing

Frequently Asked Questions about our Photo Blocks

Which photo block is right for me?
Our photo block range has something for everyone:

Our acrylic photo blocks, either in full size or as miniature MIXBLOX, are elegant contemporary pieces with a hint of glamour. The crystal-clear acrylic glass creates a beautiful depth effect that makes your image seem to come alive.

Our wooden blocks are appealingly chunky features that suit a more informal design scheme. Both the full-size blocks and MIXBLOX come with a visible wood grain and fade-out effect, contributing to a warm vintage vibe.

With 4 magical glitter options to choose from, the snow globe photo frame is our most playful and lively photo block. The photo print is replaceable, so this block will suit buyers who want the freedom to switch up their photos.

What sizes do the photo blocks come in?
The print formats available are as follows:
  • Photo Acrylic Block: 10 x 10cm, 20 x 20cm, 15 x 10cm, 20 x 15cm
  • Photo Wooden Block: 20 x 15cm
  • MIXBLOX Acrylic and MIXBLOX Wood: 5 x 5cm
  • Snow Globe Photo Frame: 15 x 10cm

All our photo blocks have a depth of 2.5cm.

How will my photo be printed on the photo block?
With our acrylic photo blocks (full-size or MIXBLOX), your photo is reproduced as a direct UV print on a white backing sheet. The block of acrylic glass is then attached to the backing sheet so that your photo is visible through the glass.

With our wood photo blocks (full-size or MIXBLOX), your photo is reproduced as a direct UV print on the surface of the wood. The natural grain remains subtly visible. Your image is given a fade-out effect at the edges for a charming vintage look.

With our snow globe photo frame, your image is reproduced on premium photo paper. This print is then inserted into the glitter frame, positioned behind the thick acrylic glass. Note that you can exchange the original photo with another 10 x 15cm print whenever you like. Why not go to our photo prints page and add some extra photos to your order?

How can I clean my photo block?
The best cleaning technique for your product depends on the material it’s made from.
  • The acrylic block, acrylic MIXBLOX, and snow globe photo frame can be cleaned with a damp cloth (soft lint-free cloths are recommended e.g. microfibre cloths). Avoid using harsh cleaning agents.
  • Our wood photo blocks (full-size or MIXBLOX) should be wiped with a duster or dry cloth to avoid causing moisture damage.

To enjoy your photo block in premium condition for as long as possible, keep it away from direct sunlight and humidity.

How long will it take for my photo block to arrive?
Your photo block will be produced within 2 working days of your order being received. Shipping takes an additional 3-6 business days. In total your photo block will take 5-8 working days to arrive at your door.

Personalised Photo Blocks in Acrylic or Wood

Photo Blocks in Full-Size & Mini Formats

Our photo blocks are striking decor features that will brighten up any room! The range includes items in crystal-clear acrylic glass as well as natural wood. Choose one of our imposing full-size prints, or our miniature MIXBLOX which suit creative group layouts. We also offer a glitter frame with spellbinding “snow globe” effect!

Personalised Picture Blocks: Awesome Gift Ideas

Our premium materials bring out the very best in your precious photos. With a generous depth of 2.5cm, the acrylic glass blocks create a mesmerising 3D effect. While our wood blocks have a fine-grained surface that subtly shows through your print. Whichever personalised photo block you choose, they all share one common feature: exceptional print quality!

Ratings and Reviews

2024-06-25. With a customer rating of 4.7 stars from a possible 5, MYPICTURE has an excellent 94% rating (out of a maximum rating of 100%) based on 145481 reviews collected by Trusted Shops. Start designing your Personalised Photo Blocks!

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