Premium photo cushion

High quality cushions in different formats with a fine textile structure - full-surface printed and hand-sewn

Standard photo cushion

The classic amongst photo gifts made out of satin – glossy, good, affordable
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Highly recommended

Highly recommend

"For products that are so inexpensive, the quality is really excellent."

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Cushion Standard

Format Retail Price1 Special Price
40 x 40cm £ 39.90 £ 10.00

Cushion Premium

Format Retail Price1 Special Price
30 x 30cm £ 39.90 £ 15.00
40 x 40cm £ 59.90 £ 20.00
60 x 60cm £ 99.00 £ 44.00

Personalised Photo Cushions

Your Photo on a Premium Cushion

Hand-sewn and available in three different size formats, a premium photo cushion is the quickest way to a premium quality rest! The photo of your choice will be printed on top-notch quality canvas fabric, while the photo itself will be visible in its entirety thanks to borderless full-area print. Coming with a quality, hand-crafted zipper that encloses an exceptionally soft filling, a premium photo cushion truly is a worthwhile gift item. Ranging from 30 x 30 cm to 60 x 60 cm in size, it’s a gift that will surely find its place on the bed of the addressee!

The photo of your choice will be printed on high-quality canvas casing that will do justice to any image out there, whether it’s a full-scale landscape photo or just a simple decorative quote in the middle of the cushion. The premium cushion is an elaboration on an already great formula, enhancing all the pros you might associate with a genuinely heartfelt photo gift that also works as a great practical item! The qualities of manual labour and high-tech precision printing are fused together for a unique photo gift experience!

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Your Photo on a Standard Cushion

Hardly anything can be better than waking up on a soft, fine-satin cushion that’s embellished with a precious photo memory of yours. A photo cushion from us is a product of refined textile work and advanced printing technology that provide a brilliant reproduction of the original photo without even slightly harming the environment. The particularly soft filling paves the way for a quality rest, while the convenient size dimensions of 40 x 40 cm make the custom photo cushion not only a great cuddle item for your couch, but also a nice addition to your future travel experiences!

To maintain the original quality of your photo print, it is recommended to machine wash your personalised photo cushion at 40°C. The printed version of your chosen photo will remain completely faithful to the original, boasting a pin sharp resolution and a brilliant colour palette, thus providing you with a practical item that will also serve as a great interior design addition! For all the reasons mentioned above, it’s not surprising that the personalised photo cushion is one of the most popular expressions of love among all of the online photo gifts.

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