MYPICTURE Discount Code for Spring/Summer 2023

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Get your MYPICTURE discount code here. If you buy 2 canvas prints you’ll get a 3rd FREE with our special MYPICTURE voucher code.

Here at MYPICTURE we’re known for our bargain prices – without any compromise on quality. We even offer a best-price guarantee for the UK.

But we know our customers could always use a bit of extra help. That’s why we’re offering a special new MYPICTURE discount code to make your hard-earned money stretch even further.

Use code 2PLUS1UK and you’ll get 3 canvas prints for the price of 2.

That’s right – order 3 canvas prints and the cheapest will be absolutely FREE. The code is available for everyone to use, so don’t miss out!

Where Can I Get a MYPICTURE Discount Code?

My-Picture Discount Code - How to Claim. Canvas gallery wall.

Right here!

Once you’ve gone through the usual shopping process for your 3 prints*, you can apply discount code 2PLUS1UK in the cart.

Our new MYPICTURE coupon code is valid for any 3 canvas prints ordered via the Canvas Prints produce page at our site.

So you can order:

*Full ordering instructions in the next section.

Where Do You Put the Discount Code on MYPICTURE?

My-Picture Discount Code - How to Claim. Large-size personalised canvas print in living room.

You activate your MYPICTURE discount code once you get to the Shopping Cart.

Here’s a guide to the whole ordering process from the start. Just go to our Canvas Prints product page and follow the instructions below:

  1. Click “Upload Photos” and select 3 digital images from your device. The images will appear in your personal gallery.

  2. Click “Use Image” below one of them to proceed.

  3. Choose a size format and make any other design choices for your canvas.

  4. Click “Add to Shopping Cart”.

  5. You’ll be taken back to your gallery. Repeat the design process for the other 2 images.

  6. When you’ve finished designing your 3rd canvas, click “Continue to Shopping Cart”.

  7. Copy+paste code 2PLUS1UK into the field provided and click “Apply”.

That’s it! If the discount has been activated successfully, the cost of the cheapest canvas print will be deducted from your total. So you can just click “Secure Checkout” and complete your order!

MYPICTURE Voucher Code: A Discount on a Discount!

My-Picture Discount Code - How to Claim. Woman hanging canvas print.

Our new “buy 2 get 1 free” offer is a generous deal in itself, giving you up to a THIRD OFF the Shopping Cart price of your total order.

But did you know that every MYPICTURE canvas print comes with a discount already built in?

We’re a discount outlet and we sell our products at a mere fraction of the full retail price. For example, our cheapest canvas print (the 20 x 20cm format) is just £6, compared to the average retail price of £29.90!

And that means if you use code 2PLUS1UK when ordering 3 canvas prints, you’re getting a discount on a discount!

The MYPICTURE promo code, combined with our regular discount, will give you a total saving of up to 86% OFF your 3 print order!

MYPICTURE Coupon Code: Terms and Conditions

My-Picture Discount Code - How to Claim. Gallery wall of three canvas prints.

Hopefully the basic deal’s pretty clear by now, but it’s worth mentioning a couple of further points in case there’s any confusion.


The Cheapest Canvas is Free

As usual with “buy 2 get 1 free” deals, the discounted item will be whichever is the cheapest of the 3.

So if you order 3 canvas prints of the same value, you’ll get a discount of exactly one third when you activate the voucher code.

If your canvas prints are different prices, the cheapest of the 3 will automatically be chosen for the discount.


Shipping Costs

We offer free shipping on orders over £49. But note that this threshold must still be reached after your discount code has been applied for you to qualify for free shipping.

Example 1: 80 x 60cm prints cost £35 each.

If you order 3 prints in the 80 x 60cm format, the full price would normally be £105, which would normally qualify for free shipping.

The voucher code would give you a £35 discount, for a final cost of £70. So your order would still qualify for free shipping.

Example 2: 60 x 30cm prints cost £21 each.

If you order 3 prints in the 60 x 30cm format, the full price would normally be £63, which would normally qualify for free shipping.

The voucher code would give you a £21 discount, for a final cost of £42. So your order would not qualify for free shipping.


How Many Times Can the Code Be Used?

The code can be used only once.

If you’ve already claimed your extra free canvas print, the voucher code won’t work if you try to apply it a second time.


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