The Environment Means the World to Us!

Sustainability – and the conservation of energy and resources that are essential to it – are matters of real importance to us. More and more customers have been asking how sustainable our business practices are, so on this page we want to explain our policies as transparently as we can.

We’re proud to say that an eco-friendly approach has been part of our corporate philosophy for many years now. And our sustainable solutions are constantly evolving – so check this page to stay updated on what we’re doing!

clean oceans, clean environment

Clean Oceans, Clean Environment

We upcycle waste plastic salvaged from our oceans and put it to the best use possible –manufacturing our beautiful Premium Frames! We’ve recovered over 1 million kilos of plastic so far.

recycled plastic and zero plastic

Recycled Plastic and Zero Plastic

More and more of our packaging is made with recycled materials, and we’re cutting down on plastic too. We recently switched to 100% recycled paper for our mug packaging, saving 35,000m² of polystyrene (equivalent to 5 football pitches!). We’re aiming for 100% recycled content in the plastic packaging we do use, and longer term we want to transition to entirely plastic-free solutions.

climate protection

Climate Protection

Forests work to protect the environment in the most natural way possible – by retaining the greenhouse gas CO2 so it’s not released into the atmosphere. And we can prolong that effect by using wood in products that are built to last – one prime example being the real wood frames in all our canvas prints!

FSC-certified timber

FSC-Certified Timber

Over 97% of the spruce wood that we use to make our traditional canvas frames comes from our own European sources certified by the Forest Stewardship Council.

green energy

Green Energy

We regularly upgrade our machinery and lighting systems to reduce our energy consumption. And we’re installing solar panels at our production sites, as well as introducing hybrid vehicles into our company fleet.

slow design

Slow Design

Our product development team are devotees of the Slow Design principle. We aim to produce high-quality items that are genuinely long-lasting, so our customers can enjoy them for years on end.

on-demand production

On-Demand Production

Mass production? That’s not how we do things round here. Our on-demand business model means your products aren’t made until your order’s been placed. This reduces warehouse space and eliminates wasted stock.

Our Sustainable Materials

Sustainable spruce wood from our own FSC-approved sources and plastic reclaimed from the oceans – when you buy a print you know we’ve gone the extra mile to protect the environment. And of course, you know you’ll get superb quality at the best price around!

Sustainable Wood

Sustainable Wood

Biodegradable Packaging

Biodegradable Packaging

Recycled Plastic

Recycled Plastic


Wood Print

It doesn't get much more sustainable than this! The photo on wood is made from FSC-certified timber. The natural grain of the wood remains subtly visible on the print surface, making each photo on wood a true one-off. Get that effortless hygge feeling in any room!

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Framed Photo

Each framed photo we produce comes in an elegant decor frame made from 100% recycled plastic. We’ve recovered over a million kilos of plastic from the oceans so far!

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Canvas Print

The canvas print is a model of sustainable production: spruce wood from sustainable forests, solvent-free inks, and – if you select a Premium Frame for your print – an outer shadow-gap frame made of recycled plastic.

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