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  • Brilliant environmentally friendly photo printing
  • Plushy and ultra soft polar fleece
  • Hypoallergenic and odourless printing
  • Laundry-safe at cold temperatures Lowest Price Guarantee

The My-Picture Lowest Price Guarantee guarantees you the lowest price for your canvas print! We monitor our UK competitors' prices on a weekly basis and adjust our own prices accordingly. This means that if you find an offer to print your photo on canvas in the same size and model through another online provider for a lower price, we will beat that price by 5%.

What should I do, if I find the same offer for a lower price in another online shop?

You can send an email to and tell us the name of the online shop, the format offered, the price, as well as where you saw the offer (with a website link if applicable). We will review the information and if approved, we'll send you a 5% discount voucher code for your next order.

The offer is valid for only 5 days after buying your canvas print or until we revoke it. For the price comparison, we take total prices including shipping for a comparable shipping time and other extra costs into consideration. Only valid for online shops serving UK customers.

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Highly recommended

Highly recommend

"For products that are so inexpensive, the quality is really excellent."

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Lowest Price in UK - Guaranteed

Format Retail Price1 Special Price
100 x 70 cm £99.00 £25.00
150 x 100 cm £159.00 £40.00
200 x 150 cm £199.00 £70.00

What is our Personalised Photo Blanket?

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​Our Personalised Photo Blankets are flannel fleece accessories that bear an accurate, hypoallergenic print of your beloved photo. Odourless and washable at 30°C, custom-made photo blankets make for a novel way of expressing your personality, as well as a comfortable bedding item.

​Print Your Photo on a Blanket

  • Perfect as an accessory and as a bedding item
  • A true-to-life, large-scale photo reproduction
  • Washable at 30°C to keep in perfect condition
  • Eco-friendly manufacturing practice
  • Easy to create and order online

Unique Premium Photo Blanket to Snuggle Up With

Easy to Maintain and Suitable for Every Age

To keep the vivid hues and pin-sharp resolution in prime condition, it’s strongly recommended to wash your personalised photo blanket at no more than 30°C. Follow these simple guidelines and you’ll have a beautiful custom photo blanket for years to come. Coming in three different size options (100 × 70cm, 150 × 100cm and 200 × 150cm), it’s got a whole host of uses and is suitable for all age groups.

A Personalised Blanket for Your Leisure Time Activities

Our personalised blanket is so much more than just a decorative textile piece to keep folded away in your drawer. Completely safe, odourless and hypoallergenic, the custom-made photo blanket is a truly luxuriant addition to your bedtime routine. As practical as it is beautiful, the photo blanket really combines the best of both worlds! Made from soft flannel fleece, it really is the missing element when you want some effortlessly cosy downtime.

Environmentally-Friendly Manufacturing Process offers you the opportunity to acquire a surprisingly cheap photo blanket with a high-quality reproduction of your original image. And keeping to our strict pro-environment policy, we make sure to use only the most eco-friendly printing methods. This doesn’t detract in any way from the quality. Your photo will be reproduced down to the tiniest detail, retaining all the original colour and vitality.

Effortless to Design and Order

Design your own blanket and let your most cherished memories linger on, even in your sleep! Upload your chosen photo to see a preview of how the final product will look. If you’re satisfied with the result, it will take no more than 5 minutes to customize the order and purchase your new personalised photo blanket. Your new item will arrive in a special package, and will look just as great as it did in the preview!

Ratings and Reviews

2019-12-05. With a customer rating of 4.74 stars from a possible 5, has an excellent 95% rating based on 100% of the 7414 reviews collected by TrustedShops. Start designing your Personalised Photo Blanket now!

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