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Quality printing

We print your photos onto different materials using state-of-the-art printing technology: from photo canvas, premium wall decorations, personalised photo books and any other customised product. We are one of HP’s largest partners and use their UV-resistant ink which makes your photos shine with brilliant colours.

Optimal material

When we print your photos on canvas we only use special HP-certified canvas which is especially well-suited for HP ink. Its especially high proportion of white makes the canvas perfect for digital printing. For products such as a photo on aluminium or as a poster, we print your photo onto real photo paper. We make sure that we select the right material to best achieve your perfect photo.

Genuine handcrafted products

We produce your photo product directly in our own factory. Depending on the product, it is either crafted carefully by hand or with modern machines. Every photo is manufactured with care and attention to detail. Our quality standard is ensured by our strict controls.

Award winners

We are extremely happy that the top quality of our products is confirmed regularly. Photo printing experts have given us the seal of approval and have made my-picture.co.uk the test winner for price and service. We offer our customers complete buyer protection and, at the same time, the chance to review us on independent review sites. We would like to thank all of our satisfied customers for our rating of “Excellent”!

Eco-friendly production

The electricity for our factory comes from renewable energy sources. All of our machines run on this green energy from wind, water and the sun. In addition, we participate in reforestation projects by planting 1,000 trees every year.

Children’s room friendly

HP’s special latex ink means that your images are completely harmless to humans and animals. The solvent-free colours mean that your photo products are suitable for children and people with allergies. In addition, the odour-free ink is perfectly matched to our printer. This flawless application of colour means that the colours in your photo will be especially rich and brilliant.

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