Acrylic vs Canvas Prints: Which is Better?

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Acrylic vs canvas prints – which is better? Acrylic and canvas prints, two of our most popular wall art solutions, go head-to-head.

If you want to turn one of your photos into wall art, you might be split between these two different decor solutions.

Both canvas prints and acrylic prints have their partisans. And in general we can whole-heartedly recommend both variants. But they do offer different qualities, so in this article we’ll explain what these are – and give you some recommendations depending on what you’re looking for.

Canvas Prints – An Introduction

Acrylic vs Canvas Prints: Which is Better? Lovely canvas gallery wall featuring family photos.

Canvas prints are the signature line here at MYPICTURE. Canvas was the product that made our name, and even though we’ve branched out to sell a wide range of printed wall art and accessories, canvas is still our biggest seller.

We take real canvas material – tough but supple – and print it using premium HP latex inks that are solvent-free and achieve deep, rich colours.

The printed canvas is then wrapped around a real pine stretcher frame, pulled perfectly taut and attached at the back of the frame.

If you want even greater impact, we also offer a double-thick XXL stretcher frame, as well as additional outer Premium Frames that make your print appear to float on the wall.

Acrylic Prints – An Introduction

Acrylic vs Canvas Prints: Which is Better? Close up of photo on acrylic glass panel.

The acrylic print is one of our premium wall art solutions. You’ll pay a little bit extra, but if you’re looking for a touch of genuine luxury we think the higher cost is fully justified.

Your image will be displayed behind a 3mm-thick panel of flawless acrylic glass. We sell our acrylic print in a borderless design that leaves the polished edges of the glass panel fully visible. The glossy acrylic surface throws reflections across your image for a magical shimmering effect.

Acrylic vs Canvas Prints: Which is Better? Two beautiful photo acrylic prints displayed above bed.

We sell two versions of our prints behind acrylic glass:

Acrylic. In the standard version, your photo is printed directly onto a pure-white multilayer backing sheet before being topped with acrylic glass.

Acrylic Premium. For an extra cost we offer this premium version where your image is reproduced on lab-quality photo paper, then laminated onto the backing sheet before the acrylic glass is applied.

So, Which is Better – Canvas or Acrylic?

We’d recommend one or the other print type depending on what your priorities are.

If you’re looking for: A high-quality but economical print

We recommend: Canvas

Canvas is the perfect choice is you want reassuring quality at a superbly accessible price. Our canvas prints start from just £6 for a 20 x 20cm format – ideal if you’re taking your first step in custom wall art.

Acrylic vs Canvas Prints: Which is Better? Beautiful Gallery Wall of Multiple Canvas Prints.

If you’re looking for: High-end contemporary decor

We recommend: Acrylic

Acrylic prints are sleek statement pieces that will look perfect in any a top-end restaurant, aspirational modern home or corporate workspace.

Acrylic vs Canvas Prints: Which is Better? Close up of acrylic photo print against white background.

If you’re looking for: A vintage or art studio design scheme

We recommend: Canvas

Canvas prints have a timeless aesthetic combining gallery appeal and simple, classic lines. They’ll look great with a range of home decor styles ranging from traditional English, through mid-century modern, to boho.

If you’re looking for: A print for a room flooded with light

We recommend: Acrylic

All our acrylic prints come with a shimmering gloss finish. This gives them fantastic resistance to UV, meaning that you can display your acrylic print even in rooms with limited protection against direct sunlight.



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