How to Make a Photobook: 4 Simple Steps

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Find out how to make a photobook in this article. Our user-friendly online service gives you the freedom to do it your way!

We all print photos a lot less nowadays – and when we do it tends to be our most special pictures. Weddings, new-born babies, dream holidays, or just a round-up of the most precious moments of our past year.

That means we want the presentation to be just as special. For many of us, ordering deluxe photobooks to share with our friends and family has become an established tradition.

If you’re starting your own tradition, and wondering just how to make a photobook, MYPICTURE are here to talk you through it. You can make beautiful photo albums right here at our shop – it’s a simple process that puts you in full control!

All you need to make a photobook:

How to make a photobook – in brief:

  1. Choose design. Choose a book design at MYPICTURE

  2. Choose specs. Choose any other specifications required

  3. Upload photos. Upload photos and design each page

  4. Check out. Complete order and wait for delivery!

How to Make a Photobook. Photobook page.


An Introduction to Photobooks

Photobooks have come a long way since the days of tucking individual photo prints under sheets of plastic. Now everything can be done online, with reproductions of your photos printed directly on the paper.

So what do you need to get started? Nothing but the photos you want printed, in digital form. You can upload your pictures to our site, then prepare your book on your computer on our user-friendly design page.


How to Make a Photobook. Beautiful photo book with couple photos.


MYPICTURE Quality + Prices

MYPICTURE is famous for our stunning print quality and top-grade materials, so you know you’re getting the best possible results for your precious pics.

Our prices start at an amazing £4, for our super-cute 10 x 10cm book.

And best of all? We’ll deliver your brand-new photobook direct to your door!

Sound good? Follow the simple instructions below to get started.


How to Make a Photobook Step #1: Choose Design

On our photo book product page, select “CREATE A NEW PHOTO BOOK”, then “Continue as guest” if you want to get started without registering*.

This will bring up our great selection of photobook templates. With over 90 templates to choose from, there’s sure to be one that’s right for your pictures.

How to Make a Photobook. Online photobook maker - different designs.

Struggling to choose? Filter the templates to make it easier. Just choose one of the categories at the top of the page (e.g. Kids + Babies, Holidays + Travel).

Click on any of the templates and you’ll see a mock-up of how the pages will look with photos added.

Like what you see? Just click “Start design” to proceed.

*Prefer to register? Click “Log in” instead, then “Register”. Making an account is convenient because we’ll remember your personal details for next time. Plus you’ll have the option of saving your unfinished photobook project so you can return to it anytime!


Step #2: Choose Specs

Now choose the specifications of the book itself – the materials used etc. The selections to make will include some or all of the following:

How to Make a Photobook. Choosing photobook size online.

You’ll see prices alongside the various options so there’s no surprises later. Note that the prices shown are for the standard page count. On the design page you’ll be free to add more pages for a small extra cost.

When you’ve finished choosing your photobook specifications, click “Design Photo Book Now”.


Step #3: Upload Photos and Design

Now you should see a preview of your photobook. This is where you’ll make it truly unique! You can upload photos and design the pages one by one.

(The different buttons and sections can look complicated at first, but you’ll get the hang of it quick once you get started!)

How to Make a Photobook. online photobook editor.

There are two sections of our design interface:

So you can simply drag-and-drop features from the left-hand menu onto the page you’re designing.

Read more about each section below:


Left-Hand Menu

Click on “Photos” at the top of this section to start uploading photos. Once you’ve uploaded a picture, it’ll sit in the Photos field until you’ve finished designing your book. (You can drag it across to photo fields in the mock-up as many times as you like.)

Underneath the Photos field there are more great design features. Choose from the following categories:

Once you’ve added a feature, you can click on it again to edit it further (or delete it).

 How to Make a Photobook. Beautiful personalised wedding photo album.

Photobook Preview

Surrounding the mock-up of each two-page spread you’ll see more design options to add to the current layout:

Note: If you want to add more pages to your photobook, click “Add Blank Page” (bottom right). Each click will add one more double-page spread. (Note that every addition will bump up the price a little.)

When you’re happy with your photo choice and all your other design choices, click the button at top right showing a “shopping cart” icon along with the price of your photobook.


Step #4: Complete Order

How to Make a Photobook. Personalised photobook on work desk.

In the shopping cart you’ll see the price of your photobook, plus the delivery costs. (Note: If your book costs £49 or more, shipping is free). Check that everything’s as you expected.

When you’re ready, enter your address and payment details and click “Buy Now” to complete your order.

And relax! You’ve done your part, and now it’s our turn. Your photobook will enter production immediately, and you can expect it to arrive at your door in 10-14 working days.


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