20x20 cm
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Your Photo on Aluminium

  • Brilliant colours and pin-sharp resolution
  • Elegant, durable aluminium composite panel
  • Available with glossy or matte finish
  • Expertly constructed to resist UV damage

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The My-Picture Lowest Price Guarantee guarantees you the lowest price for your canvas print! We monitor our UK competitors' prices on a weekly basis and adjust our own prices accordingly. This means that if you find an offer to print your photo on canvas in the same size and model through another online provider for a lower price, we will beat that price by 5%.

What should I do, if I find the same offer for a lower price in another online shop?

You can send an email to info@my-picture.co.uk and tell us the name of the online shop, the format offered, the price, as well as where you saw the offer (with a website link if applicable). We will review the information and if approved, we'll send you a 5% discount voucher code for your next order.

The offer is valid for only 5 days after buying your canvas print or until we revoke it. For the price comparison, we take total prices including shipping for a comparable shipping time and other extra costs into consideration. Only valid for online shops serving UK customers.

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Highly recommended

Highly recommend

"My-Picture provides great value along with excellent printing and great build quality."

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Format Retail Price1 Special Price
20 x 20cm £37.90 £15.00
30 x 20cm £39.90 £16.00
40 x 30cm £54.90 £29.00
60 x 40cm £69.90 £42.00
80 x 60cm £119.90 £59.00
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What are Aluminium Photo Prints?

  • aluminium photo prints complete view
  • aluminium photo prints in the room
  • aluminium photo prints detailed view

Aluminium Photo Prints are composite panels consisting of hard synthetic core and aluminium sheets. These bold metal prints are expertly treated to prevent UV damage. The photo on aluminium is a particularly desirable wall decor item that gives you true premium craftsmanship!

Aluminium Photo Prints – for Those who Appreciate Elegance

  • Cleverly built composite panel
  • Lightweight but wonderfully sturdy
  • Minimalist aesthetic and simple elegance
  • Specially treated to prevent UV-inflicted damage
  • Premium wall decor piece that won’t break the bank

Aluminium Prints in Two Fantastic Versions

aluminium print glossy

Aluminium Print Glossy (laminated on photo paper)

  • Bright, rich colours with high-gloss effect
  • Polished edges with rounded corners
  • Crystal clarity to the smallest detail
  • HD print on lab-quality photo paper is applied to the aluminium panel
aluminium print matte

Aluminium Print Matte (direct print)

  • Premium-quality matte finish
  • Polished edges with rounded corners
  • Superbly accurate colour reproduction
  • Direct print on the aluminium panel for a stunning contemporary look

​Impeccable-Quality Aluminium Metal Prints

Truly Exceptional Image Sharpness

Your aluminium photo print will reproduce your most vivid photo memory down to the smallest detail. Whether printed on our lab-quality photo paper or directly onto the bold aluminium panel, your image will be resplendent with the highest level of sharpness and best resolution possible. Your photo on aluminium will be simply radiant, thanks to state-of-the-art printing technology able to produce brilliant colours and contrasts.

Suitable for Any Environment

The glossy version of your aluminium print will be carefully laminated. As well as providing a gloss effect and resulting colour depth, the lamination process makes your aluminium photo print suitable for rooms with high levels of humidity. So now you can hang your favourite photos in your kitchen or bathroom. Meanwhile the understated, ultra-contemporary matte version of your aluminium print comes with a special finish that allows for display even in more rugged outdoor areas.

Metal Prints that are Built to Endure

The digital reproduction of your photo is presented on a precisely cut aluminium composite panel and comes with state-of-the-art UV protection. The black core of the panel is made from a lightweight hard synthetic that will make your print not only light but stable too. The core itself is enclosed between two aluminium sheets. The silvery edge gives your photo print on aluminium a special sheen of elegance!

Printing on Aluminium for A Premium Wall Decoration

The photo on aluminium is an elegant design that will serve as a focal point on any wall. The aluminium backing will highlight the most beautiful photos from your collection. Your photo on aluminium will look as if it’s floating on the wall thanks to a hidden hanging system. Design a personalised photo on aluminium using your most stunning image and create a unique art object.

Formats & prices

20 x 20 cm £37.901 £15.00
30 x 30 cm £45.901 £29.00
40 x 40 cm £59.901 £36.00
60 x 60 cm £99.901 £64.00
80 x 80 cm £144.901 £87.00
30 x 20 cm £39.901 £16.00
40 x 30 cm £54.901 £29.00
60 x 40 cm £69.901 £42.00
75 x 50 cm £109.901 £52.00
80 x 60 cm £119.901 £59.00
90 x 50 cm £99.901 £71.00
90 x 60 cm £129.901 £113.00
100 x 75 cm £164.901 £150.00
60 x 30 cm £64.901 £39.00
80 x 40 cm £89.901 £74.00
90 x 30 cm £99.901 £69.00
100 x 50 cm £119.901 £65.00
120 x 30 cm £89.901 £75.00
120 x 40 cm £109.901 £102.00
120 x 60 cm £159.901 £143.00

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