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Highly sophisticated wall decoration
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  • High quality, sophisticated acrylic glass
  • Photo-realistic optics of brilliant colour
  • Especially shiny appearance
  • Resistant to light and water
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Highly recommend

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20 x 20cm £ 39.90 £ 25.00
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40 x 30cm £ 65.90 £ 41.00
60 x 40cm £ 89.90 £ 56.00
60 x 60cm £ 115.90 £ 91.00
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Acrylic Photo Prints

High resolution crystal clear acrylic prints

Your photo on acrylic with depth effect

Relive your fondest memories as a sharp image on acrylic in bright colours. This look is achieved through a professional 12 colour printing that allows the finest colour differences and the best resolutions to shine through. We carefully laminate your digital photo print onto the crystal clear plastic glass. Your glossy acrylic photo print will make both intense colours shine, as well as softer gradients.

Your acrylic print will fit beautifully in any room. Its frameless design will add more depth and put it perfectly into scene. Reinforce this effect with our picture hanging kit, which is not visible once the acrylic photo print is hung. The hanging system is covered by the print and will add space to your wall. Your acrylic pictures will float freely on your wall and will look like it is in a gallery.

We pour our acrylic glass in instalments for a flawless finish. In our factory in Cologne we oversee perfect processing of acrylic glass that is 3mm thick from the Thyssen Company. We cut your photo print into the acrylic glass with modern precision cut to the millimetre. Then we very carefully polish the edges of your image to guarantee you the best results for your photo print.

Your photo on acrylic will look especially artistic thanks to the impressive depth effect. The rich colours give your acrylic print maximum expressiveness from any angle. The high quality, glossy acrylic adds an air of luxury to your home. The affordable price for this premium product is ideal for a first time buyer. However, acrylic can warp for larger sizes. Therefore, for larger sizes we recommend upgrading the back to forex or aluminium to increase its stability and elegance.

Upgrade to Acrylic+


Photo on Acrylic with Aluminium

A back of aluminium will greatly enhance your acrylic prints. The composite panel made of aluminium and plastic gives the acrylic photo print an increased dimensional stability at low weights. The depth effect of the acrylic and the fine aluminium elements lend your acrylic print a true gallery character. This combination of acrylic and aluminium is our highest quality premium project.

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