Hanging Pictures Without Nails: 7 Easy Steps

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Hanging pictures without nails – can it be done? Our customers often ask us how they can put up pictures without nails.

So why we’ve put together a handy list of nail-free hanging alternatives which will leave your walls pristine and unpunctured.

We’ll introduce you to a completely new and exclusive solution – Magnofix® – that’s set to take the interior design world by storm! And not a nail in sight!

We’ll give you full instructions for using Magnofix® later on. But if you’re in a hurry, here’s a brief how-to:

All You Need to Hang Pictures without Nails:

How to Hang Pictures without Nails using Magnofix® – in Brief:

  1. Remove film from strip #1. Remove anti-adhesive film from first magnetised strip.

  2. Stick pair of strips to print. Stick pair of Magnofix® strips to back of print.

  3. Remove film from white sticker. Remove film from white sticker attached to strip #2.

  4. Press print onto wall. Press print onto wall so pair of strips holds it in place.

  5. Pull strips apart. Pull print away from wall, separating magnetised strips.

  6. Smooth out white sticker Smooth down edges of white sticker against wall.

  7. Hang print! Bring magnetised strips together to hang print on wall.

Sometimes Nailing It Isn’t the Answer

Of course, nails are THE classic solution for hanging wall art.

Before you start swinging that hammer, ask yourself if using nails is the right choice for you. There are a few reasons why you might want to steer clear:

Hanging pictures without nails. Hammer and nails.

Whatever your reasons, we hope these suggestions for no-nail wall hanging hit the…ahem…nail on the head.


1) Magnofix®

Magnofix® is a brand-new wall decor solution. It works along similar lines to picture hanging strips, but uses a revolutionary magnetic+adhesive design.

The design is based on 2 slimline magnetised strips. The first of these sticks to the back of your picture, the second (with a white sticker attached) sticks to the wall. You can then hang up your picture by simply bringing the two strips together!

Hanging pictures without nails. Patterned prints on wall above sofa.

Here’s the usage instructions in full:

  1. The 2 magnetised strips will arrive stuck together as a pair.

  2. Remove the anti-adhesive film from the first strip (the one without a white sticker), then attach the stuck-together pair of strips to the back of your print. Press firmly.

  3. Remove the anti-adhesive film from the white sticker attached to the second strip. Then press your print in position on the wall so it’s held in place by the pair of strips.

  4. Pull your print away from the wall, separating the pair of strips. The second strip will remain attached to the wall by its white sticker. Using your fingers, press down the edges of the white sticker to smooth them against the wall.

  5. Hang your print back on the wall by simply bringing the two magnetised strips back together. Then adjust your print by hand until it’s perfectly level. Done!

Want to give Magnofix® a try? If so, you’ve come to the right place, because they’re sold individually right here at MYPICTURE.

Note that a Magnofix® kit also comes included with each MIXPIX® photo tile we sell. MIXPIX® are lightweight 20 x 20cm print reproductions of your own photos that make home decor fun – try them!



2) Double-Sided Tape

A simple, time-honoured solution when you want to stick something to something else. Double-sided sticky tape is easily available, cheap, and the way it works is all but self-explanatory.

The smoother the surface where you apply the tape, the better. So double-sided tape is a better solution for hanging frames without nails than for hanging unframed canvas.

Also, any impurities on the surface will weaken the bond, so be sure to clean well before you apply – consider an alcohol-based cleaner that will dry without residue.

Hanging pictures without nails. Roll of adhesive tape.

As a rule, we’d only recommend double-sided tape for smaller framed canvas prints.

Note also: there’s no guarantee you’ll be able to remove the tape without pulling away some of the paintwork.




3) Picture Hanging Strips

These are a recent innovation that have really filled a gap in the market and made damage-free picture hanging easier and more reliable.

The strips come in pairs. Each strip in the pair has a special adhesive layer on one side, and on the other side a “locking” surface that works like Velcro. Mounting your picture is a simple process:

Hanging pictures without nails. Picture on wall showing man holding puppy.

As with double-sided tape, the wall should be thoroughly cleaned first so that the adhesive can work properly.

Note: The number of strips you’ll need depends on the weight of your picture. The hanging strips come in different sizes and for each size the weight that each pair will support is clearly indicated. Just attach more pairs until you have enough to support your picture.




4) Picture Rail Suspension

This is a traditional hanging solution which could be just right for you – it depends mainly on when your home was built.

Look up. If your home dates from before the Second World War, there’s a good chance that you’ll see a thin strip of moulding running around the walls of your living room or bedroom, a foot or two from the ceiling.

If so, that’s your picture rail right there – and you can display your pictures with an added flourish of period charm by suspending them from this built-in solution to nail damage. It should take little more than an S-shaped hook or two and a length of twine or picture wire.

Hanging pictures without nails. Two pictures on wall showing architecture towers

Suspended pictures will be prone to swaying slightly, so it’s a good idea to cushion the bottom corners of your picture with felt or paper to avoid scraping marks.




5) Prop It Up

It’s worth asking yourself whether you really need your picture to be hung up at all.

Part of the appeal of canvas prints from MYPICTURE lies in their robust, tactile build which gives them a timeless quality. Each canvas comes ready-stretched on a real pine frame, meaning they’re sturdy enough to be displayed propped up against a wall on any level surface.

A bookshelf or mantelpiece will make an ideal support for a smaller picture, and if you’re feeling adventurous you could even stand it on the picture rail (see above).

Hanging pictures without nails. Picture of leaf leaning against wall.

If you have a large-scale picture, consider placing it directly on the floor. It will bring a refreshing physicality to your decor, and really draw your pictures into the life of a room.

Maybe not the right choice for classic landscapes or portraits, but it works great for prints featuring blocks or splashes of bold colour.




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