Hanging Kit for Canvas – Do You Need It?

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The hanging kit for canvas is one of the most overlooked items in our catalogue. But it’s also one of the most important.

We often get customer queries asking how to hang a canvas print. And we hear about your DIY attempts at installing canvas prints – some of which work better than others!

Our advice is always the same: the simplest, most reliable method for getting your print on the wall is to use our canvas hanging kit, which can be added to your order during the purchase process.

It’s suitable for canvas prints both big and small, and designed to minimise the time spent on installation as well as the risk of damage. To learn more about the advantages of the hanging kit for canvas, read this short article!

In this Article:

“How do I know the canvas hanging kit is right for me?”

Hanging Kit for Canvas – Do You Need It? Canvas hanging kit ingredients next to canvas print.

If you’re experienced in DIY, you may have your own hanging method in mind. Canvas prints are lightweight items which don’t require specialist skills to install, so we’re certainly not claiming there’s only one way to hang your print.

What we will say is this: we’ve been making canvas prints for many years now, and we brought all that experience to bear in designing our canvas hanging kit. If there’s a better method out there, we’re yet to encounter it.

So we do recommend the hanging kit to all our buyers – especially those who are new to canvas or who aren’t so confident in their DIY skills.

“What does the canvas hanging kit include?”

Hanging Kit for Canvas – Do You Need It? Close-up of canvas hanger set.

The hanging kit for canvas is really two kits in one. We recommend different hanging methods depending on whether your canvas is in a smaller (up to 60 x 30cm) or larger (60 x 40cm or over) format. Both methods are very simple.

Note: If you order the kit, you’ll be sent everything you need for both methods. Just use the pieces you need for your method and discard the others.

The components you need for a small canvas print are:

This method involves hammering the nails in the wall, attaching the sawtooth hanger to the back of your print’s stretcher frame using the screws, then resting the sawtooth hanger on the heads of the nails.

The components you need for a large canvas print are:

Hanging Kit for Canvas – Do You Need It? Using screwdriver to attach sawtooth hanger to canvas print.

This method involves hammering the nails in the wall, attaching the D-rings to the back of the stretcher frame, threading the cord through the rings and tying it to form a loop, then resting the looped cord on the nails.

Full instructions for both methods can be found in our blog post How to Hang Your Canvas Print – the Complete Guide.

“How do I get my canvas hanging kit?”

Simply add the canvas hanging kit to your order when you reach the print customisation page (this appears after you upload your photo). You’ll see this option right below the list of print formats.

“How much does the canvas hanging kit cost?”

You’ll be pleased to learn the hanging kit costs just £3 extra. In our opinion, that’s a trifling amount to pay in return for a fuss-free canvas hanging experience!

So all that’s left for us to do is wish you the very best of luck with hanging your print. If you’re using the canvas hanging kit, we’re sure you’ll be happy with the results!

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