How to Hang Posters without Damaging the Wall

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Want to know how to hang posters without damaging the wall? There are a few different options – let us talk you through them!

Hanging a poster might not be the toughest of DIY jobs. But if you’ve invested in a top-quality custom poster print – like those sold here at MYPICTURE – you’ll still want to do your prep and make sure you get it right.

In this article we’ll talk you through all the best ways to hang posters – from classic techniques which have stood the test of time to some innovative new solutions you might not have heard of.

How to Hang Posters Without Damaging the Wall – In Brief

Most of the techniques we list in this article involve the use of adhesives. Below are brief instructions for how to hang posters using adhesives.

Oh, and if you haven’t actually got your poster yet, you can take care of that on our custom poster print page!

We discuss each step in more detail below, and discuss some options for the adhesive you can use. We’ll then introduce some other techniques for how to hang a poster.

How to Hang Posters without Damaging the Wall. Photo posters on wall showing pictures of woman.

A Quick Word About MYPICTURE Poster Prints

Most of the posters you’ll find on the high street are printed on regular paper of indifferent quality. It’s kind of an open secret that these mass-produced posters are considered disposable items.

But that’s not the case here at MYPICTURE! Our photo poster prints are premium custom items, and we print on real gallery-grade photo paper.

How to Hang Posters without Damaging the Wall. Photo posters on wall showing pictures of girl.

However, this does mean our posters weigh a little bit more than their throwaway rivals (275g/m² to be precise!). It's worth bearing that in mind when choosing your hanging technique.

(You’d think custom posters on real photo paper would cost more than regular posters, right? Not at MYPICTURE. The entry price for our poster prints is just £3!)

How to Stick Posters on Wall – Step #1: Wash Your Hands

To get your poster on the wall in pristine condition, it’s important to wash your hands before each time you touch it so that you don’t leave fingerprints.

(This is particularly important if you buy your photo poster from MYPICTURE, because we print on real photo paper!)

Wash with soap to remove dirt and clear up oily skin, then make sure your hands are thoroughly dry before proceeding.

Note: Wearing plastic gloves is an alternative way to guard against fingerprints.

How to Stick Posters on Wall – Step #2: Flatten Your Poster

You can of course skip this step if your poster print is flat already. But if your poster arrived at your home rolled up, the chances are it’s a bit curved – making it hard to get it perfectly flat against the wall.

How to Hang Posters without Damaging the Wall. Photo poster lying curled up.

Lay your poster on a clean, flat surface, then weigh it down with some heavy objects placed at regular intervals along the poster. The heavy objects should be clean themselves, and should have smooth edges that won’t damage the poster surface: new books work great.

Wait a few hours before removing the weights and checking that the poster’s flat.

Note: You can proceed to Step #3 while you’re waiting.

How to Stick Posters on Wall – Step #3: Prep Hanging Position

If your wall isn’t quite clean, the adhesive won’t stick as well as it could, so it’s best to clean the area before proceeding.

If the wall surface is water resistant, you can clean with warm water, using a cleaning agent if required. Make sure the wall has dried completely before proceeding.

But if you think using water might cause moisture damage to the wall surface, err on the side of caution and just give it the once-over with a duster.

How to Hang Posters without Damaging the Wall. Man cleaning wall.

Next, hold your poster against the wall in the position you’re thinking of. If you’ve got a helper, get them to stand back and confirm the position’s right. If you’re on your own, mark out the poster’s position using a pencil or post-it notes, then take a few steps back and judge for yourself.

Tip: If you’re not sure how high to display your poster, eye level is always a good call.

How to Stick Posters on Wall – Step #4: Apply Adhesive

Using adhesive is a simple and effective way to get your poster on the wall. Whichever form of adhesive you use, it has the advantage of staying hidden out of sight behind the poster – giving you that classic no-frills look.

Applying your adhesive product to the poster’s four corners should be enough for smaller formats, but for larger/heavier posters you’ll need to apply adhesive at more points along the edges too.

Here are some reliable adhesive methods for hanging your poster:

Double-Sided Tape

Double-sided tape has an adhesive layer on both sides, so that it will stick to both your poster and the wall.

The adhesive is available in a wide range of strengths. Choosing the right strength is a matter of balance: too weak and your poster could come away from the wall; too strong and you could damage the poster and/or the wall when you remove it. If in doubt, test the tape by sticking it to scrap paper then pulling it away.

Tip: Look for tape that’s designed specially for posters.

How to Hang Posters without Damaging the Wall. Roll of tape.

Picture Hanging Strips

Picture hanging strips are a relatively recent invention. The idea is similar to double-sided tape, but there’s a sophisticated twist: the adhesive strips come in pairs, and each strip has one adhesive surface and one “locking” surface similar to Velcro.

The adhesive side of the first strip attaches to the wall, the adhesive side of the second strip attaches to your picture. This leaves the two “locking” sides facing outward. You hang the picture by pressing the two strips together so they bond fast.

Adhesive Putty

A classic poster-hanging solution you’ll see in any student dorm. You stick blobs of putty onto the corners of your poster, then press the corners hard against the wall so that the blobs bond with the two surfaces.

How to Hang Posters without Damaging the Wall. Sheet of adhesive putty.

It doesn’t get simpler than this. But putty does come with a slight visual disadvantage: you need a decent-sized blob to get enough stick to support your poster, so the blobs tend to show through as little bumps.

Note: Since MYPICTURE posters are printed on real photo paper, they’re a bit heavier than the everyday high-street alternative – so we don’t recommend using putty for our larger sizes.

How to Stick Posters on Wall – Step #5: Hang Poster

Since you’ve been clever enough to get thoroughly prepped for the big moment, this final step is simple! Start by placing the top corners of your poster in your chosen position, applying firm pressure so the adhesive takes effect.

Then run your fingers down the edges of the poster to make sure it’s smoothed down against the wall. When you reach points with adhesive in place, apply the same firm pressure. Then step back and admire your work!

How to Hang Posters without Damaging the Wall. Photo posters on wall with pictures of woman and dog.

How to Put Posters on Wall – More Solutions from MYPICTURE

Our poster hanging guide above discusses adhesive methods only. Adhesives are the most popular solutions for hanging posters because they’re quick and easy – and they shouldn’t damage your walls.

But if you want a hanger that makes more of a style statement (and you’re fine with making holes in the wall), MYPICTURE sells a couple of excellent solutions which will give you poster an appealing retro look. They hold it in place extra securely too.

Both of the options below are available at our Accessories & Instructions page. Why not add them to your cart when you order a MYPICTURE photo poster?

How to Hang Posters without Damaging the Wall. Photo poster with wooden hanging bars.

Magnetic Wooden Bars

This simple but striking solution sees your poster suspended between two pairs of magnetised wooden bars.

One of the pairs has a leather-effect cord attached – clamp this pair around the top of your poster. Then clamp the other pair around the bottom of your poster. Then hammer a single nail into the wall and you can hang your poster by resting the cord on the nail.

The bars are available in lengths of 30cm, 40cm, and 60cm. They’re priced from just £2.90 for a set.

How to Hang Posters without Damaging the Wall. Black poster hanging clips.

Poster Clips

Simple vintage-style clips in a classic black colour. Simply nail or screw the clips to the wall and then you can clamp them onto the edges of your poster.

The poster clips are suitable for any size of poster and cost just £1 for a set of 4.


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