How To Hang a Canvas Print - Large or Small

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Our customers often ask us how to hang a canvas print they’ve bought. So here’s our complete guide to hanging canvas.

The truth is, canvas prints are pretty lightweight and easy to handle. So if you’re in a hurry to get your brand-new canvas hanging on the wall so you can show it off, a couple of nails should do the trick.

But there’s also a proper way of hanging a canvas! If you want to hang your canvas so as to ensure complete stability, you’ll need our special hanger set. To see how you can use the different pieces of kit to quickly and easily hang your canvas, just watch the video below.

How To Hang a Canvas

This video illustrates the hanging process first for small-format and then for large-format canvas prints. Just replay the relevant section if you have any difficulty with the instructions. We hope this brief tutorial helps you put up your canvas print successfully. Feel free to read a more in-depth description of each step right below the video.

Step by Step Guide

People who order our canvas prints are sometimes a bit confused when it comes to hanging up their new wall decor items. And when you look at the components of our hanger set, maybe that’s not too hard to understand: lots of screws, lots of little pieces that can get you mixed up. Since we’ve had quite a few requests for a step-by-step article that explains the canvas hanging process, we’ve prepared just that.

Things you’ll need:

Before You Start...

Each canvas hanger set gives you two possible ways to hang your wall decor item, so choose the method that’s best for the dimensions of your canvas. The first method set out in this brief tutorial is more suitable for a small-format canvas, measuring up to 60 x 30cm. A canvas larger than this calls for the second hanging method, which we’ll move on to in the second part of our explainer.

Hanging Your Small-Format Canvas

How to hang your canvas print the complete guide. Small format canvas.

What you’ll need from the hanger set:

How to hang your canvas print. The complete guide. Hanger set for small format canvas.

Step 1: Mark the points where you’ll insert the nails into the wall. The sawtooth hanger will rest on the nails later, so the distance the nails sit apart needs to be the same as the distance between the first and last grooves of the sawtooth hanger’s serrated edge. The nails will also need to be on an even plane, so you might want to use a spirit level to check your chosen points are even. You can align the red attachments on the two nails to ensure that the nails are hammered in equally deep (feel free to discard the attachments if you want your canvas to hang closer to the wall). When you’re ready, hammer away!

How to hang your canvas print. The complete guide. Nails close together.

Step 2: Using the pair of (longer) screws, secure the sawtooth hanger to the back of your canvas, in the middle of the top stretcher bar. Again, it’s recommended to do some measuring first to get the position just right. Note: the serrated edge needs to point downwards!

How to hang your canvas print. The complete guide. Sawtooth hanger on stretcher bar.

Step 3: Hang your small-format canvas by resting the outer grooves of the sawtooth hanger on the nails.

Your small-format canvas is now ready for display - simple as that.

How to hang your canvas print. The complete guide. Small format canvas hanged.n

Hanging Your Large-Format Canvas

A large-format canvas print (60 x 40cm or bigger) requires a different hanging method.

How to hang your canvas print. The complete guide. Hanging large format canvas.

What you’ll need from the hanger set:

How to hang your canvas print. The complete guide. Hanger set for large format canvas.

Step 1: Using the four (shorter) screws, secure a triangular D-ring to each of the side stretcher bars so the two D-rings are pointing towards each other horizontally. They should be above the halfway point of the side stretcher bars, but not too close to the top. It helps to do some prior measurements so that the D-rings are on a level plane.

How to hang your canvas print. The complete guide. Triangular D-rings on the stretcher bars.

Step 2: Thread the cord through the D-rings and tie it to form a loop, cutting off any length you don’t need. The loop of cord should be loose enough that it will form a trapezium when you stretch one length of the cord upwards with your hands apart. The top corners of this trapezium should be inside the frame of the canvas - these corners will correspond to the position of the nails in the wall.

How to hang your canvas print. The complete guide. Cord through the triangular D-rings.

Step 3: Mark the points on the wall where you’ll insert the nails. Again, if you’re in any doubt, use a spirit level to make sure the nails are on a level plane. You can judge where your canvas will sit on the wall by lining up the position of the nails with the top corners of the cord trapezium. When you’re happy, hammer in the nails. They’ll need to be deep enough that the exposed length of the nail isn’t longer than the depth of your frame.

How to hang your canvas print. The complete guide. Two nails fair distance apart.

Step 4: Hang your large-format canvas by simply resting one length of the loop of cord on the nails.

That’s it - you’ve successfully hung your large-scale canvas photo print. Wasn’t really that hard, was it?

How to hang your canvas print. The complete guide. Large format canvas hanged.

Before you hang your canvas, you should probably consider getting one. To create your photo canvas print, upload your photo here


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