How to Hang Acrylic Prints

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How to hang acrylic prints: the complete guide. Customers often ask, “How do you hang acrylic prints?” Here’s what you need to know.

The acrylic print is one of our premium wall decor products. We reproduce your photo image with truly exceptional print clarity and stunningly rich colours. Then we cover it with a flawless sheet of acrylic glass that produces an entrancing depth effect – giving you that touch of true luxury.

When customers have invested in an acrylic print, they want to be absolutely sure that they hang it up right. This article is to help you do just that.

Note: There’s no significant difference in best hanging practice between our Acrylic and Acrylic Premium lines. This guide applies to both products.

Contents in Brief:

How to Hang Acrylic Prints. Acrylic photo print of a landscape with solid background.


An Introduction to MYPICTURE Hanger Sets

Our acrylic print has a borderless design. This suits the minimalist, contemporary look of the print, and it’s also essential to the full “3D” effect produced by the acrylic glass.

That’s why we recommend hanging techniques that match this stripped-down design. The less noticeable your hanging system is, the more your image will speak for itself.

How to Hang Acrylic Prints. Beautiful photo acrylic print with lady and her dogs.

And it’s why we started selling our very own hanger sets as product accessories. We offer two different hanging solutions, both of which can be added to your order on the Choose Format page just after you upload your photo.

Here’s a little about the two options:

Hanger Plate

This small metal plate comes with a layer of adhesive on one side (this will be coated with anti-adhesive paper) so the plate can stick to the back of your print. The other side has a ridge sticking out just far enough to be rested on screws or a hook on the wall.

This hanger set also comes with rubber bumpers that will hold the print an even distance from the wall, avoiding scrape damage and creating a “floating” look.

How to hang acrylic prints. Hanger plate for acrylic prints.

The hanger plate is recommended for small or medium prints.

Aluminium Backframe

If you select this robust metal frame, it comes already attached to your print. The rectangular frame is made up of four aluminium bars. Each bar has a hollow section in the middle, meaning that the top bar has a lip which can be rested on screws or a French cleat on the wall.

The backframe is resilient enough to provide extra resistance to environmental factors such as temperature stress, preventing warping.

The aluminium backframe is recommended for medium or large prints.

How to hang acrylic prints. Photo of aluminium backframe.

Note: After you select a certain size format for your acrylic print, you’ll be offered only the hanger set(s) appropriate to that format. So there’s no need to worry about choosing the wrong option.


How to Hang Acrylic Prints Using the Hanger Plate

Full instructions:


How to Hang Acrylic Prints Using the Aluminium Backframe

How to Hang Acrylic Prints.Photo acrylic print featuring girl blowing soap bubbles.

Full instructions:

How to Hang Acrylic Prints. Detailed close-up of photo acrylic print.

Further Information

There are of course other hanging methods available, though we believe they all have clear disadvantages in comparison to our hanger sets. Here are two popular alternative methods:

How to Hang Acrylic Prints. A beautiful white empty frame.

Please note: the two hanger plates can also be used for our other wall decoration products: Aluminium, Photo Board and Acrylic + Aluminium.

Our prints can be weighty, so we recommend using rawl plugs when inserting screws into your wall.  

We also recommend using a stud finder to locate the upright timbers in your walls, helping you find the most resilient installation spots.

And finally – if you’re yet to buy your acrylic print, you can do so here!

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