What Size is a Postcard in the UK? A Quick Guide

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What size is a postcard in the UK? You’ll find all the information you need about postcard dimensions here in our guide.

The standard postcard size in the UK is A6, which measures 148 x 105 mm (5.8 x 4.1 inches). This size is large enough to include an impactful image and message, but it's compact enough to keep postage costs low: this size won’t be considered a Large Letter by Royal Mail.

Read on for our comprehensive guide to postcard sizes in the UK. We'll share some insights as to which sizes work best for different purposes.

What’s the Standard Postcard Size in the UK?

What size is a postcard UK: a standard postcard of 14.8 x 10.5 cm

In the UK, the standard postcard size is A6, with dimensions of 14.8 x 10.5 cm (5.8” x 4.1”). With their compact design, A6 postcards are ideal for sending heartfelt messages, inviting people to events, or promoting special offers.

What Size are MYPICTURE Custom Postcards?

What size is a postcard UK: a size comparison for three postcard formats

Here at MYPICTURE we make a range of custom cards printed with the photos of your choice – including custom postcards.

At a size of 14.8 x 10.5cm, our photo postcards come in the standard A6 size. A custom postcard is a handy, versatile way to share your favourite snapshots with friends and family.

MYPICTURE custom postcards are sold in sets of 12. They’re printed on semi-gloss paper with a protective laminate. The premium semi-gloss surface is easy to write on using a ball-point pen – meaning you can personalise your cards with handwritten messages.

Note: we sell two other greeting card formats alongside our postcards. See the details below:

Folded photo card

What size is a postcard UK: a folded photo card

If you’re looking for the classic “birthday card” format, our folded photo cards are what you need.

With a size of 14 x 10cm (5.51” x 3.94”) when folded, these cards provide ample space to display your photos in an eye-catching way. They’re available in both landscape and portrait orientations.

Panorama photo card

What size is a postcard UK: a panoramic photo card

If you're seeking a panoramic display for your sweeping landscape shots or group photos, our panorama photo cards are the perfect choice.

With 21 x 10cm (8.27” x 3.94”) dimensions, these cards provide a wide canvas to showcase your panoramic shots in all their glory.

40 Custom Postcard Designs for Any Occasion

What size is a postcard UK: a collection of custom postcards

Our custom postcards come printed with the photos of your choice, but that’s not the only customization option available at MYPICTURE.

You can choose from our range of 40 design templates, and elevate your design by choosing from our menu of additional design features. Our versatile, user-friendly design page lets you create one-of-a-kind photo postcards that truly stand out.

For your convenience, the postcard designs are grouped into specific categories: Contemporary, Holidays + Travel, Kids + Babies, Family + Friends, and Wedding + Romance. In each category, you’ll find several customized designs suited for various tastes and photo styles.

Note that all postcards in a set come printed with the same design.

Choosing the Right Card Size

What size is a postcard UK: a person signing a postcard

When selecting a card, you should consider the purpose of your message and the effect you want it to have.

Purpose and Message: Different formats are associated with different purposes. If you’re sending a personal message, an invitation, or a quick thank-you note, a standard postcard in A6 format (14.8 x 10.5 cm) should work just fine. But for bigger occasions it’s best to send a folding card in a generous format.

Design and Visual Impact: Think about the content of your picture and the impact you want to make. Large card formats will do more justice to art photography and pictures of architectural marvels, while panoramic formats are perfect for landscapes, beach vistas, and pictures of large gatherings.

Distribution and Postal Requirements: If you want to post your card, you should take into account any specific postal regulations (and costs!) when choosing the size.

Note: at MYPICTURE, our folded and panoramic card formats come with envelopes included, but our photo postcards don’t. If you want to keep your message private, we recommend our folded or panoramic formats.


So, what size is a postcard? In the UK the answer is nearly always “A6” – and that applies here at MYPICTURE too. But our custom printing service means we stand out from the crowd.

With our extensive range of design templates, we give you the tools to create personalised postcards which will truly make an impact!

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