How to Resize an Image for Printing: Ensuring Perfect Print Results

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Want to know how to resize an image for printing? With our step-by-step guide you can ensure your prints turn out perfect every time!

To resize an image, you can use online tools such as Canva or I Love IMG, or offline software like Photoshop. Resizing images optimises them for websites and emails, ensuring faster loading times and better user experience. It also helps reduce file size for easier sharing and storage.

Our article will tell you how to resize images for printing using free software. And of course, once your images are the perfect size, you can get them printed here at MYPICTURE - as canvas prints, framed photos, and much more!

In a hurry? You can read our quick instructions for resizing an image in Windows or on a Mac below:

How to Resize an Image in Windows Photos

How to Resize an Image on a Mac

Understanding Image Resolution

How to resize an image: a person looking at a collection of photos

Before resizing an image, it's important to grasp the concept of resolution and its impact on print quality.

Resolution refers to the number of pixels which make up an image. This will determine its level of detail and sharpness.

If you print an image, it needs to have a reasonably high resolution (a.k.a. pixel count) if you want to get a good result. The image will have more detail and sharpness, resulting in a clear and crisp printout. A high resolution helps the printer reproduce the intricate details and textures of the photograph accurately.

Resizing vs Cropping

How to resize an image: a person taking a picture with a smartphone

So how does resizing your image differ from cropping it?

Resizing involves changing the dimensions of the entire image, either making it smaller or larger. This technique is handy when you want to fit your photo into a specific frame or print it at a certain size.

This is distinct from cropping your image, which involves trimming away unwanted portions of an image. This can help to improve the composition, focus on a specific subject, or achieve a certain shape for the image.

Your choice of whether to crop or resize will depend on what needs to be changed: the content or the overall size of the image.

No Photoshop? No Problem!

How to resize an image: a woman looking at a photo collection on the computer

Some people prefer to use professional tools like Photoshop when resizing, but there are several user-friendly free alternatives available.

How to Resize an Image Online

There are also numerous online image resizing tools you can use. The most popular options include:

When to Resize?

How to resize an image: a person editing photos on the computer

You won’t need to resize every photo you want to print, of course – but sometimes it can help you enhance your picture and adjust it to specific printing requirements. You should consider resizing your photos if:

If you need some help with calculating the right resolution for your pictures, check out our article dedicated to the best resolution for canvas prints. You’ll find a full list of the resolutions recommended for our different canvas formats.


Understanding how to resize an image for printing opens up a world of possibilities for showcasing your photography skills.

Using the right software and techniques, you can ensure each print is a true reflection of your artistic vision. Happy printing!

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