Black and White Canvas Wall Art

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Black and white canvas wall art is a classic home decor solution. Find out how to create your very own black and white wall canvas!

Black and white images are as captivating to interior design aficionados as they are to art enthusiasts. Monochromatic photography holds a timeless appeal that transcends trends and fads. And canvas prints, with their vintage look and minimalist design, are the perfect choice for printing monochrome pictures.

In this article we’ll introduce black and white canvas wall art, exploring its timeless elegance and emotional impact. And we’ll tell you how to create a black and white wall canvas right here at MYPICTURE.

The Power of Contrast

Why does black and white art have such a powerful effect on us?

Monochrome pictures harness the power of contrast to create visually striking compositions. By getting rid of colour distractions, artists can focus purely on dynamics, form, texture, and the interplay between light and shadow. This can achieve a captivating depth and richness.

Black and White Canvas Wall Art. Monochrome canvas print featuring mountains.

The stark contrast of black and white elements brings out a range of emotions while keeping a sense of mystery. Excluding colour from a picture creates a certain distance between what’s being represented (the original scene from real life) and the image representing it.

This element of artificiality draws the viewer into an artwork's unique world. Black and white compositions give rise to contemplation, encouraging viewers to explore their own emotions and thoughts.

Black and White Canvas Wall Art. Monochrome oil swirls.

Timeless Elegance and Minimalism

One of the remarkable qualities of black and white wall art is its sense of timeless elegance. Monochrome pictures have a nostalgic effect – not just because all photography was black and white until relatively recently, but also because its simplicity and restraint look back to a time when design was less cluttered and gaudy.

This element of sophistication makes black and white photography a versatile choice for interior design. Whether it's a modern, minimalist space or a classic, traditional setting, black and white art can complement and enhance the aesthetic beautifully.

Black and White Canvas Wall Art. Modernist building with light coming through window.

Why Canvas is Perfect for Black and White Wall Art

Canvas prints have some unique characteristics that make them the perfect print format for black and white photography:

If you’ve got some a beautiful monochrome photo that you want to reproduce as wall art, it’s hard to think of a better option than canvas. So, you might ask…what’s the best place to find your own black and white wall canvas?

Black and White Canvas Wall Art. Office with monochrome canvas prints on wall.

Black and White Wall Canvas at MYPICTURE

Photo canvas prints are the signature product here at MYPICTURE. They were the prints that made our name and they’re still our bestselling item. You’ll be hard-pressed to find a better option for your black and white wall art!

When you buy a canvas from MYPICTURE, this is what you’re getting:

And did you know that at MYPICTURE you can even make black and white canvas art using colour photographs? After uploading your photo to our site, you can convert it to monochrome with a single click! See the instructions below...

Black and White Canvas Wall Art. Monochrome canvas print featuring couple with baby.

How to Order Black and White Canvas Prints at MYPICTURE

Here are the step-by-step instructions for ordering a monochrome canvas print at MYPICTURE. And if you want to convert a colour photograph to black and white, you can do so at Step 3.

  1. Upload your photo. Go to our Canvas Prints product page and click “Upload Photos”. You’ll be prompted to browse your device for the image you want to print.

  2. Choose your canvas size. After uploading you’ll reach our product design page. Choose the canvas size you want from the Choose Format list.

  3. Design your print. Choose the edge design for your canvas. If you want, you can add a thicker frame and/or an additional premium frame. Need to convert a colour image to monochrome? Just click “Black & White” in the Choose Effect section.

  4. Complete order. You’ll see a mock-up of your print in the top right corner. When you’re happy with all your design choices, click “Continue to Shopping Cart”. Then enter your shipping and payment details and complete checkout!

Once payment is received, we’ll get straight to work printing your black and white masterpiece. Our production time is just 24 HOURS for a standard canvas print! And once it’s ready, we’ll hand it over to our trusted shipping partners to deliver straight to your door.

Black and White Canvas Wall Art. Monochrome canvas print featuring mountain trail.


Black and white photography is more than just a decorative element – it’s a medium that brings together the power of contrast, timeless elegance, and emotional resonance. The interplay of light and shadow captures attention and engages viewers on a profound level.

Meanwhile, the versatility and timeless prestige of canvas makes it the perfect partner for monochrome photos. Black and white canvas wall art will complement a huge range of interior design styles, adding a touch of classic sophistication to any space.

And if you’re taking your first steps with black and white canvas photo prints, we doubt you’ll find a better printing partner than MYPICTURE. Order your print today and see for yourself!

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