What is an Acrylic Print

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What is an acrylic print? The photo behind acrylic is known as one of our premium products. So exactly what is an acrylic photo print?

In short, an acrylic print is a reproduction of your photo displayed behind acrylic glass. We print your image either as a direct print, or on real photo paper.

Part of the appeal of the acrylic print lies in its simplicity. Your print has a borderless construction that lets the photo image speak for itself.

Of course, that means we need to make sure your print reproduction is worthy of the limelight. So we print your image in ultra-crisp definition with radiant saturated colours that match any premium wall decor piece in our fantastic range.

And then there’s the beautiful clarity of the acrylic glass itself. In this article we’ll explain why a slimline pane of flawless glass can make the difference between a good print and a truly exceptional one.

In this article:

What is an Acrylic Print. Acrylic print with couple in light interior.


The Elegance of Simplicity: How Acrylic Prints are Made

How is the acrylic print made?

First your photo is reproduced on a paper-thin print foundation (a pure-white multilayer backing for the regular print, or real lab-quality photo paper in the case of the Acrylic Premium).

Then we cover your beautiful photo reproduction with a slimline panel of pure acrylic glass.

What is an Acrylic Print. Close up of acrylic glass panel with photo print.

The completed product is left borderless. It’s a restrained contemporary look which proves that simplicity is the soul of elegance.

All in all, the print design gives you the following great benefits:


Acrylic Glass – a Touch of Magic

Each batch of glass for our acrylic prints is poured with exacting care to make sure there are no distortions or impurities. That means there’s nothing to spoil the crystal clarity of the acrylic glass, or distract from the crisp lines and vibrant colours of your image. Your glass panel is cut with state-of-the-art CNC milling techniques and the surface is polished by hand.

What is an Acrylic Print. Close up photo of acrylic glass sheets stacked  upon one another.

And that’s when the real magic of acrylic glass takes effect.

Your flawless acrylic print will pick up reflections from the surrounding decor, helping to bring the room together. And it will radiate natural light, making any space feel roomier and brighter.

Not only that, your print will produce a spellbinding depth effect. Your photo will throw shimmering reflections of itself inside the glass panel, creating the illusion of a three-dimensional image. Prepare to see your picture as if for the first time.


Where to Hang your Acrylic Print

The stripped-down design of the acrylic print suits a restrained interior decor scheme. It’s ideal for any space with a sleek contemporary look:

What is an Acrylic Print. Sophisticated large format photo print on acrylic glass in contemporary environment.

But the beauty of a print made with unadorned glass is that your acrylic print can be used almost anywhere. The transparent, reflective print medium will fit naturally into a huge range of design schemes – just like a mirror would, or a glass vase.

Which means you can concentrate on choosing the perfect photo from your collection – and choosing the room where you want to give it pride of place.


How to Hang your Acrylic Print

We sell our own ingenious hanger sets, which can be added to any order for acrylic prints (you can select this option on the Choose Format page). We strongly recommend using our hanger sets to install your print.

There are two different products: the hanger plate, suitable for smaller formats, and the aluminium backframe, suitable for large-scale prints. Both will stay hidden behind your print to achieve a magical “floating” effect.

What is an Acrylic Print. Acrylic photo print hanging gear.

Hanger Plate How-To:

What is an Acrylic Print. Photo of aluminium backframe.

Aluminium Backframe How-To:


Where to Buy your Acrylic Print

As a premium item, our acrylic print might cost a little bit more than the cheapest prints in our range. But it won’t cost more than any equivalent product available on the net. That’s because we offer a Lowest Price Guarantee on all our prints. Find a cheaper alternative anywhere online and we’ll beat that price by 5%!

What is an Acrylic Print? Gallery wall with multiple photo acrylic prints.

So if you like the idea of state-of-the-art photo printing displayed behind a magical, gleaming sheet of acrylic glass, and you love the idea of unbeatably low prices, then we recommend you get your acrylic photo print right here at MYPICTURE.

You can take care of that here. We're sure your print will make you very happy!


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