How to Print on Acrylic: Quick 4-Step Guide

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Want to know how to print on acrylic? This article talks you through creating a beautiful home decor feature in acrylic glass.

Printing on acrylic involves using a specialised UV printer to reproduce the digital image directly on the print substrate. The UV inks cure instantly, resulting in a durable, glossy print with sharp details and vibrant colours – making acrylic printing ideal for premium home decor features.

The acrylic print sold here at MYPICTURE is one such premium option!

Printing on acrylic here at MYPICTURE is a simple process. Read the steps below to create your premium acrylic print!

How to Print on Acrylic. Bedroom with acrylic print on wall.

Step 1: Choose a Digital Image to Print

Acrylic prints (also known as prints on perspex) are premium wall decor features, so they’re a great choice for your most special images, like professional wedding portraits and fine art photography. But of course you can choose any picture you want – your acrylic print will do justice to any cherished photo!

Because we’re an online provider, you’ll need to upload your image to our site in digital form. Nearly all modern pictures are digital, like those on your phone or PC.

How to Print on Acrylic. Woman looking at photos on desktop computer.

But if you want to print an older physical photo, you’ll need to convert it to digital. Try one of the following methods:

Step 2: Upload Digital Image to Our Site

Go to our acrylic prints page and hit “UPLOAD PHOTOS” to start the process. You’ll be prompted to browse the device you’re using for a digital photo to upload.

How to Print on Acrylic. Screenshot of MYPICTURE acrylic print product page.

Our system is automated. So when you uploaded your image, it’ll immediately be checked to make sure it’s suitable for our printing process. If it is, you’ll be taken straight to the product design page.

If there is an issue with your image file, you’ll see one of these error messages:

“Image resolution insufficient”:

This means the resolution of your photo is too low – meaning basically that it’s too small. Our acrylic prints are intensely detailed, so the original image needs to be quite large to allow for such high performance.

The minimum resolution needed for a MYPICTURE acrylic print is 580 x 580 pixels.

“Invalid file format”:

This means your image file is the wrong format. You need to upload your image as a .JPG, .JPEG, .PNG, or .GIF file.

Step 3: Design Your Print

After uploading you’ll be taken straight to our product design page. Now you just need to make a few simple design choices before your product is ready to order.

In the top-right corner you’ll see a mock-up of how the final result will look. Any design choices you make will be reflected in the mock-up.

How to Print on Acrylic. Screenshot from MYPICTURE acrylic print design page.

Your design options are as follows:

Step 4: Complete Order

Once you’re happy with your design choices, click “Continue to Shopping Cart”. You can review your item(s) in the basket.

If all the details look right, just enter your delivery and payment details, then complete your order. Your acrylic print will go into production as soon as payment has been received!

How to Print on Acrylic. Acrylic print on wall showing two teenage boys.

Delivery Times for Acrylic Prints:

We make all our products to order. But our streamlined production and delivery processes mean you can expect your print to arrive at your doorstep super-fast.

These are our delivery times for acrylic prints (working days are Monday-Friday, excluding public holidays):

Other MYPICTURE Prints on Acrylic

This article describes how to order our acrylic print: a wall art feature made with acrylic glass. But we also make some other prints on acrylic that might interest you.

MYPICTURE doesn’t just print wall decoration. We also make a range of home & lifestyle features and photo gifts. You might be interested in the following items printed on acrylic glass:

And the good news is, the instructions for how to print on acrylic are basically the same for all our acrylic products. Just go to the relevant product page and click “UPLOAD PHOTOS” to get started!

How to Print on Acrylic. Two MixBlox acrylic photo blocks.

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