Personalised Christmas Mugs UK: 4-Step Guide

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Looking for personalised Christmas mugs this festive season? We show you how to design these ultimate stocking fillers!

When it comes to surefire Christmas gifts on a budget, Christmas mugs are hard to beat.

But these days people expect the personal touch. Whether that’s a print of their own photo or a personalised dedication, custom Christmas mugs really bring something special to your stocking.

Order MYPICTURE personalised Christmas mugs online and you can do it YOUR way. You can upload any image and we’ll print it on a top-quality mug and deliver straight to your door. And our text function means you can spread Christmas cheer in your own words!

How to Design Your Personalised Christmas Mug

We’re an online provider, so everything is done here at our website – no traipsing round the shops required!

We print our mugs with images that YOU provide, so you can use your own photos – family snaps or anything you like – to create something truly unique.

All you need to make a personalised Christmas mug:

How to design a personalised Christmas mug in 4 simple steps:

  1. Choose image. Choose your Christmas image

  2. Choose mug. Choose your mug

  3. Add message. Add a Christmas message

  4. Complete order. Complete your order

Personalised Christmas Mugs UK: Our 4- Step Guide. Personalised Christmas mug with photo of woman.

We’ll talk you through the 4 steps one by one below.

Step 1: Choose Your Christmas Image

Personalised Christmas Mugs UK: Our 4- Step Guide. Personalised Christmas Mug with photo of young couple.

To make your personalised Christmas mug you’ll need to upload a digital image to our website.

You can look through your photo storage for the perfect Christmassy image, or take a brand-new picture.

Here are some classic design ideas if you need some inspiration:

You can also upload stock photos from open-source image sites like Unsplash and Pixabay. We’ll print any image as long as it’s out of copyright!

Step 2: Choose Your Mug

Personalised Christmas Mugs UK: Our 4- Step Guide. Photo Christmas Mugs.

We sell 4 different mug designs – all made using the best materials for a beautiful, long-lasting result.

  1. Classic Mug. The custom mug design of your choice on white ceramics, at a cost of £4 per mug. Yes, just £4 for a unique personalised item!

  2. Premium Mug. At just £9, the Premium Mug is made from bona-fide porcelain. Elegant contours and exquisite craftsmanship will bring a touch of real class to your Christmas!

  3. Magic Mug. A mug with a special heat-sensitive effect for just £9. It appears all black at room temperature, but your unique mug design is magically revealed every time you pour in a hot drink!

  4. Enamel Mug. Priced at just £9, this mug in enamelled metal comes in a charmingly retro design. The stainless-steel rim is left exposed for a stylish tonal contrast.

You can see the 4 designs at our Photo Mug product page. When you’ve decided, just click “Upload Photos” under the one you want.

Step 3: Add a Christmas Message

Personalised Christmas Mugs UK: Our 4- Step Guide. Create Personalised Christmas Mug.

Once you’ve uploaded your photo, you’ll be taken to our product design page where you can add your special Christmas message.

You’ll see an “Add Text” button near the top right of the page. Click through and you’ll be able to write any message of your choice.

You can select the following to change how your text appears:

- Font style

- Font size and colour

- Position (just drag your text to move it)

- Background colour

And on the product design page you can also choose how you want the image to appear on your mug: left side, right side or panorama.

Step 4: Complete Your Order

Personalised Christmas Mugs UK: Our 4- Step Guide. Woman holding a personalised photo mug.

Once you’re happy, click “Continue to Shopping Cart” and your newly designed mug will appear in the cart.

Enter your personal details and your payment method and we’ll get to work on printing your unique Christmas mug.

Production takes 2-3 working days, and we’ll need another 3-5 working days to get your order delivered to your door. So you can expect your mug to arrive within 5-8 working days in total.

And there you have it. A unique Christmas mug perfect as a stocking filler, a work Secret Santa present, or just a touching, affordable gift for anyone in your life!


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