Christmas Canvas Art: Create Your Own Festive Magic

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Christmas canvas art is the perfect way to capture the festive spirit! Learn how to do it your way in our guide to Christmas wall art canvas prints.

This article explores the art of Christmas canvas prints, with a focus on the personalised service offered by sites like MYPICTURE.

We give you tips on choosing the right picture for your Christmas canvas art, and guide you through the process of ordering custom canvas prints.

So let's dive into the world of personalised Christmas canvas art and discover how it can make your holiday celebrations truly unique!

Christmas Canvas Art. Room in flat with Christmas themed canvas print on wall.

The Importance of Christmas Decor

Why does Christmas decor mean so much to us?

Probably because it plays a big part in ushering in the holiday spirit and creating a magical atmosphere. It's a cherished tradition that brings families and communities together. Evoking warm memories and instilling a sense of wonder, especially for children, it’s nothing less than a visual expression of our shared history and values.

And displaying some Christmas canvas art is a brilliant way to bring out that special festive mood. Canvas prints with Christmas designs are striking, easy to install, and (if you know where to look) surprisingly affordable.

Making Christmas Wall Art Canvas with Your Own Photos

Online custom printing services like MYPICTURE offer a unique approach to festive wall art. We make canvas prints (and other products) printed with any image you upload to our site, letting you create something truly unique.

With personalised Christmas canvas art, you can transform cherished memories into stunning wall decor. Choose photos of precious family moments from yuletides past and you can create unique festive prints – just in time to make some brand-new memories! It’s a particularly touching gesture if there’s someone who can’t be with you this year.

Nature photos captured in the depths of midwinter are another great option if you want to create atmospheric Christmas prints.

Making Christmas Wall Art Canvas with Your Own Photos

If you don’t have any photos that seem quite right for your Christmas wall art canvas, don’t worry. You can upload any image you like to our website so long as it’s copyright-free. There are lots of free photo banks online where you can find great festive images that will fit the bill.

Christmas Canvas Art. Canvas print featuring Santa hung on wall.

Making Christmas Wall Art Canvas with Your Own Photos

Step 1: Choose Photo

Find the perfect photo to create your Christmas art on canvas. You can use personal photos or any other image so long as it’s copyright-free. Most importantly, it needs to be in digital form so you can upload it to our site!

Step 2: Upload Photo

Go to our Canvas Prints page and click UPLOAD PHOTOS. You’ll be prompted to browse the device you’re using. Choose your desired image file and click Open to start the process!

Step 3: Choose Format

We offer a range of size formats for our canvas prints. Just select the one you want from the list available.

(Note: The list you see will only include the formats that suit the size and shape of your image. That means you don’t need to worry about blowing up your photo too big and getting a blurry result!)

Step 4: Make Design Choices

You’ll need to make a couple more simple design choices before your product is complete – like choosing how you want the edges of your canvas to be printed (e.g. black, white, or mirrored).

You can also add our special hanger set to your order if you want. It makes displaying your Christmas canvas a doddle!

The choices you make will show up in a handy mock-up of your print so you can see what you’re getting.

Step 5: Check Out

When you’re happy with how your canvas looks, click Continue to Shopping Cart.

Add your delivery and payment details, then complete your order. Your print will go to production as soon as your payment is received. And in just a few days, your new Christmas canvas will arrive at your front door!

Christmas Canvas Art. Room in flat with Christmas themed canvas print on wall.


Making Christmas canvas art a part of your holiday celebrations is a delightful way to create a festive atmosphere while adding a personal touch. Whether you're looking for wall art for your own home or a beautiful personalised gift, custom canvas prints are the perfect solution. Start exploring the world of personalised Christmas canvas art today, and make this festive season truly special.

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