What Are MIXPIX®? Your Questions Answered

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Curious about MIXPIX® photo tiles? We’ve prepared a quick FAQ to introduce this amazing wall art product!

MIXPIX® are fun, customisable photo tiles that stick to almost any surface by themselves. They offer a unique way to display your photos without frames or messy tape. Simply print your photos onto the tiles at, then display your MIXPIX® anywhere you like!

Our MIXPIX® photo tiles represent a whole new approach to wall design. MIXPIX® are a recent addition to our product range, and we want to spread the word. So read our quick guide to learn what makes these magnificently mixable tiles so special!

What Are MIXPIX®?

What Are MIXPIX®? Your Questions Answered. Close-up of MIXPIX® photo tile.

MIXPIX® are square photo tiles printed with your photos. Made from a special lightfoam material, they’re featherlight but very robust. Sold with a free “no tools required” hanger set, MIXPIX® can be mixed and mingled any way you want. And the reusable magnetic/adhesive hanger lets you pull the tiles off the wall and swap them round any time you fancy a new look. MIXPIX® are wonderfully versatile decor features that suit any design scheme!

What Do MIXPIX® Reviews Say?

We’re proud to say that we’ve been getting some glowing reviews for MIXPIX®! Here’s what our customers have said about their new wall art:

Want to see some photo tiles in use? Then head straight to our Instagram account and check out how MIXPIX® look in a real home environment. You’ll also find tons of inspirational interior decoration ideas!

How Big Are MIXPIX®?

For the time being, our MIXPIX® come in one handy size: 20 x 20cm. So not our biggest photo prints, but rest assured they come with huge personality guaranteed!

MIXPIX® are 1cm thick too, so they bring a slightly chunky physical presence that adds character to your photos. But their wonderfully lightweight design means you can hang them almost anywhere.

Are MIXPIX® Difficult to Hang?

What Are MIXPIX®? Your Questions Answered. Young woman hanging MIXPIX®  photo tiles on wall.

Not at all – nothing could be easier! Every tile comes with our special Magnofix® hanger set included free. The Magnofix® hangers use an ingenious magnetic+adhesive system to keep your tiles on the wall.

Each kit includes a pair of thin magnetized strips, each of which has one adhesive surface. Here’s how it works:

  1. The first magnetized strip sticks to the back of your photo tile.

  2. The second magnetized strip sticks to the wall.

  3. When the two strips touch, their magnetic pull draws them together – and this holds your photo tile securely to the wall! Simple!

No tools required – Magnofix® is an all-in-one kit. And the magnetic design means you can pull your tiles off the wall any time you like and swap them round!

What Makes MIXPIX® Unique as a Wall Art Solution?

MIXPIX® are all about fun and spontaneous creativity. You can transform a room without needing any DIY work – and then you’re free to change your mind as many times as you like! No nails, no holes, no painstaking prep – MIXPIX® make wall decoration easier than ever.

What’s the Best Way to Display MIXPIX®?

What Are MIXPIX®? Your Questions Answered. Multiple MIXPIX® photo tiles displayed in living room.

You can hang just a single tile, but we think MIXPIX® look best displayed in groups. Sometimes more really is more – and our customers have been known to order 20+ tiles and create amazing statement walls. 

How Can I Start My MIXPIX® Collection?

Simply upload your photos here – we’ll have them printed and delivered before you know it. You can start experimenting with wall art layouts as soon as your MIXPIX® arrive!

And another great thing about MIXPIX® is that you can grow your collection over the years, adding more photos and getting ever more creative with layouts.

Thousands of our customers are already smitten with MIXPIX®. Are you ready to join them?

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