What Is the Standard Photo Size: Our Essential Guide

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What is the standard photo size when it comes to custom printing? This comprehensive guide provides all the information you need.

The standard modern photo print size is 4 x 6 inches (152 x 203 mm). As the most popular choice, this format is a versatile option for framing or storing in albums. The format’s widely available at digital online providers like, so it’s an economical choice too.

Here at MYPICTURE, we’re photo size experts and we've got some tips to help you select the right size for any picture, whether canvas print, framed photo, or another format.

Read on for our comprehensive guide to photo sizes!

In this article, we’ll talk about:

So let’s get started!

Understanding Photo Size

What is the standard photo size: prints of various sizes displayed on the wall

Let's start by demystifying the concept of photo size. Simply put, it's all about how large your photo appears when printed or displayed. Photo size is usually measured in inches or centimetres.

Note that photo size isn’t the same as photo resolution – the latter refers to the level of detail and clarity in the image, usually measured in pixels per inch (PPI) or dots per inch (DPI). So when discussing images, it's important to differentiate between these two concepts.

What is The Standard Photo Size

When it comes to photo printing, there’s no one standard photo size for everything. Depending on your goal – a wall decor piece or new prints for a photo album – you’ll need to print to differing sizes.

Here is MYPICTURE’s full list of standard photo print sizes:

9 x 12cm – 9 x 13cm – 10 x 13cm – 10 x 15cm – 11 x 15cm – 11 x 17cm – 13 x 17cm – 13 x 18cm – 13 x 19cm – 20 x 27cm – 20 x 30cm

Photo prints in these sizes are perfect for storing in photo albums or displaying in frames.

Wall Art Size Guide

What is the standard photo size: empty frames demonstrating various print sizes

If you want to print your photos as wall art, we have plenty of sizes to choose from. Here’s a list of our most popular wall art print sizes:

20 x 20cm

40 x 40cm

30 x 20cm

40 x 30cm

75 x 50cm

60 x 30cm

80 x 40cm

Note that these are just some of the print sizes available at MYPICTURE. You can check out our “Formats and Prices” page to see the whole list.

Understanding Photo Size & Aspect Ratio

If you want to know more about the secrets of photo print sizing, it’s a good idea to learn about aspect ratio.

Aspect ratio determines the width-to-height ratio of your image. It plays a significant role in defining the dimensions of your photos.

To guarantee top-notch print quality, it's crucial to consider the aspect ratio of your photo and align it with your intended print format. Check out a few examples below:

What is the standard photo size: a picture demonstrating various aspect ratios

Ideally, you'd want the aspect ratios of your image and chosen print format to match up perfectly. But what to do if they don’t align? We have a few recommendations below.

Things to Bear in Mind

What is the standard photo size: a canvas print wall art cluster

If your photos happen to have a different aspect ratio from the one you want to print them in (let's say you've got a stunning landscape photo, but you want to print it in a square or panoramic format), you’ll need to adjust your picture.

First off, you can manually crop the image to fit the desired aspect ratio. This can be done in Windows or Mac photo apps or using one of the many image resizing tools available online.

But if you'd rather take a sneak peek at how your image would look in various aspect ratios before making any adjustments, we've got you covered. Our print preview tool lets you do just that – upload your image and check out how it would look in various formats with different aspect ratios.

You’ll notice that depending on the chosen format, some parts of your print may be cropped automatically, so make sure you’re happy with the result before placing your order!

Note: To ensure high-quality results, MYPICTURE offers you only the print formats which match your photo’s aspect ratio reasonably closely. If a certain format differs significantly from that of your photo, it simply won’t be offered by our system.

Choosing the Perfect Photo Size

When it comes to selecting the ideal photo size for your home decor, a few factors come into play.

Firstly, consider the dimensions of your room and the available wall space. You don't want your photo to overpower the room or look lost in a big expanse of bare wall.

Next, think about your interior design style and the vibe you want to create. Whether it's a minimalist, bohemian, or eclectic look, the right photo size can amplify your chosen aesthetic.

A large single print complements a minimalist room, while a gallery wall of small and mid-sized prints suits a cosy space with bohemian flair.


No matter the photo you wish to print, MYPICTURE has got you covered with the perfect print size for every picture. Our selection includes square, landscape, and panoramic formats, making it a breeze to create a stunning wall art piece for your home. Take a look at our wide range of print options and get started!

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