How to Make a Photo Collage

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This article explains how to make a photo collage, and introduces our online service for printing your photos as a canvas collage.

A photo collage is a collection of photo images arranged together in a single composition. They’re a fun, creative way to showcase multiple photos in a single image, and can be used to create a memorable keepsake, tell a visual story, or simply display a collection of favourite photos.

In this article, we’ll talk you through our canvas collage service step by step – making it easy for you to create stunning photo collages that capture your memories and tell your story!

How to Make a Photo Collage. Two photo collage canvas prints on wall.

Step 1: Select Photos

Choose the theme or subject of your collage, then select images which are appropriate to the theme you've chosen. For example, if the collage is for a wedding, photos of the bride and groom, the wedding party, and the ceremony would be appropriate.

The photos you choose should work together visually as well as thematically – for example, you should stick to a certain colour palette so that the shades don’t clash.

The number of pictures you choose will depend on the size of the collage you want, as well as the effect desired. A good rule of thumb is to include enough photos to convey the theme, but not so many that the collage becomes cluttered and overwhelming.

MYPICTURE canvas collages can feature up to 9 photos.

How to Make a Photo Collage. Laptop showing grid of autumnal photos.

Step 2: Choose Layout

At MYPICTURE we offer a fantastic range of collage designs, featuring creative layouts. Our designs will feature between 1 and 9 of your photos, and let you customise the backgrounds and text – more on that later!

To get started, go to our Canvas Collage page and look through the templates. To make your choice easier, you can filter the options by:

How to Make a Photo Collage. Screenshot of webshop showing canvas collage templates.

When you’ve decided, click on your template. You’ll just need to choose the size format you want for your collage print, and then you’ll be taken to the product design page. It’s time to start uploading your photos!

Step 3: Upload Photos

On our collage design page, you’ll see a mock-up of how the final product will look. You can add your photos by clicking the “Add Pictures” button to the left of the mock-up.

You’ll be prompted to upload digital photos from your device. Once you’ve uploaded your images they’ll sit in the Pictures section ready to be used.

You can add photos to your collage by dragging or dropping into the photo field desired. Alternatively, click “Autofill” and our system will choose a field for each photo automatically.

How to Make a Photo Collage. Screenshot from webshop showing canvas collage design page.

Step 4: Complete Photo Collage Design

Browse the menu to the left of your mock-up to add other features to your collage. The following features are available:

When you’re happy with everything – your photo arrangement, the other design features, and your text choices – click “Order” to proceed.

How to Make a Photo Collage. Woman hanging canvas photo collage on wall.

Step 5: Complete Order

Enter your delivery and payment details and complete your order. MYPICTURE will get straight to work printing your photo collage.

We promise an amazing 24-hour turnaround on all our canvas prints! And when your photo collage is ready, we’ll deliver it straight to your door.

Our full production and delivery times are as follows:

Production: 1 working day

Shipping: 3-5 working days

Total delivery time: 4-6 working days

How to Make a Photo Collage. Canvas photo collage hanging on wall.

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