What is AI Art and Will It Affect Our Wall Art Choices?

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What is AI Art? Learn how AI-generated art can transform your walls with the help of affordable custom prints from MYPICTURE.

Artificial intelligence (AI) is in the process of revolutionizing many aspects of our lives – one of them being the art world. With a dizzying range of AI art now being created, ranging from dramatic landscapes to abstract compositions, the use of AI-generated images is becoming a regular part of the creative process.

And as a custom print service who make home decor using images provided by our customers, we at MYPICTURE are seeing first-hand how AI art is transforming the world of interior design.

So How Does AI Art Work?

So what is AI art exactly, and how does it work? Simply put, AI art is digital artwork created using artificial intelligence technology. This involves using algorithms and computer programs to generate or alter images.

What is AI Art? Artificial Neural network

One of the most common techniques used to train AI art tools is Generative Adversarial Networks (GANs), which involve two neural networks working together to create new images. One network generates random images, while the other network tries to identify whether the images are real or fake. Through this process of trial and error, the two networks learn from each other and create increasingly realistic and original images.

An important technique that AI art has at its disposal is style transfer, which involves using algorithms to combine the content of one image with the style of another.

OK, there’s debate over whether AI-generated images can truly be considered "art", but what can’t be denied is the huge increase in the popularity of AI pictures. And this popularity is sure to spread to the custom home decor industry.

Advantages of AI Art

With the help of AI tools, users can create visually stunning designs with an immense range of content and styles. You’re really limited only by the imagination you put into your “prompts”: you can generate landscapes, cityscapes, portraits, abstract art, and much more.

What is AI Art? Robot Painting

What’s more, the process is incredibly efficient, with these tools producing impressive results within minutes.

Another advantage of AI art is its exceptional accuracy and consistency. In contrast, human-made art (whether digital or traditional) is limited by the artistic skills of the creator.

And creating AI-generated art is much more affordable than creating traditional art, simply because it doesn’t need any physical art supplies.

AI-Generated Images on Your Living Room Walls 

It’s safe to say that AI art is going to have a big impact in the interior design world – and it’s already being used by a growing number of people to make unique artwork for their home decor. If you want to create, say, a gallery wall featuring made up of AI images printed on canvas, you’ve got everything you need at your disposal. 

What is AI Art? AI-generated artwork in the living room

MYPICTURE is one online custom printing service offering high-quality, affordable solutions for your AI-generated art. Browse our Wall Decoration and Home & Lifestyle collections to see the range available.

If you’re not sure which product to choose, we recommend canvas prints as the perfect first step in custom printing. Our canvas prints offer a great balance of affordability and high-end appeal.

Once you've made your selection, simply head to the product page and click the image upload button to get started. The process is straightforward and user-friendly.

Exploring the Future of AI-Generated Art

What is AI Art? AI-generated art on canvas​​

AI art is on course to become an important part of the custom printing sector. It’s a dynamic field that has the potential to revolutionise the whole industry. So if you want to experiment with making AI images of your own, and you want to print your machine-assisted art as unique wall decor or home accessories, MYPICTURE is here to help you do it!

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