Wall Art for Nursery: How to Get It Right

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Choosing nursery wall art is a rite of passage for new parents. Read our beginner’s guide and get it right first time!

Finding the perfect wall art for baby’s room doesn’t need to be stressful – and it doesn’t need to cost an arm and a leg either.

In this article we’ll list some great ideas for your nursery decor, helping you create the perfect comforting nest where your child will feel safe and inspired. And we’ll show you how you can make truly unique wall art features, thanks to personalised online printing.

Personalised Wall Art for Nursery

Nursery Wall Art: How to Get It Right. Cute Wall Art for Baby's Room.

Personalised wall art features (such as the canvas prints sold here at MYPICTURE) give you the freedom to decorate your way.

Instead of buying mass-produced designs, you can use your own photos to create unique wall decor that you (and your kids) are guaranteed to love.

Here’s our 4-step guide to ordering nursery wall art prints from MYPICTURE:

It’s that simple! The hardest part is deciding on the perfect print design for your new nursery wall art features. So if you could use a few pointers to start you off, read the section below.

Design Ideas for Baby’s Room Wall Art

Nursery Wall Art: How to Get It Right. Gallery Wall in a Baby's Room.

The great thing about personalised nursery wall art is you can create something truly unique. You can use any photo you like from your personal archives, and you’re not limited to photos either – any digital image can work.

Here are some classic design ideas to help you create the perfect atmosphere in the kids room:

Can’t choose just one favourite? We’ve got the solution! Go to the Canvas Collage page at our shop and you can design a multi-picture print with as many as eight different sections. We offer a range of creative layouts that you can tweak to suit your requirements.

A Word About Copyright

The personalised model for nursery wall art means you can print any image you like – in principle. But as you’ll know, a lot of the popular images out there (cartoon characters etc) can’t be used for general public use, because they’re subject to copyright.

Nursery Wall Art: How to Get It Right. Smiling baby together with parents.

Our printing process is mostly automated, and we can’t analyse each image for copyright infringements – so we rely on our customers to check the pictures they’re using are in the public domain.

The good news is, there are loads of fabulous free-use images available. Just search for “stock photos” or “printables” and you’ll find countless pictures you can download and use.

Safety First: Tips for Safe Nursery Wall Art

We don’t need to tell you that every child’s wellbeing is precious. You’ll want to make sure every decor feature you put in your little ones’ room will let them sleep and play in complete security, even as they get older and…more inquisitive, let’s say! So below we’ve listed a few simple tips for health and safety in the nursery.

MYPICTURE Prices for Nursery Wall Art

Nursery Wall Art: How to Get It Right. MIXPIX® Photo Tiles with Cute Prints. ​​

If you’re decorating the nursery on a budget, you’ll be keen to know just how much your new wall art features are going to cost. Below we’ve listed some of our most affordable custom wall decor prints, so you can judge for yourself what it would cost to decorate the room.

Of course, the usual advice would be to shop around – but we’d just like to say that all MYPICTURE products come with a best-price guarantee for the UK! If you find a print of the same size and model sold for less by an online competitor, we’ll beat their price by 5%. That means unbeatable price performance comes as standard at MYPICTURE!

Product Size Formats Available Lowest Price
Canvas Prints from 20 x 20cm up to 120 x 80cm £6 (20 x 20cm)
Wood Prints from 20 x 20cm up to 80 x 60cm £7.90 (20 x 20cm)
MIXPIX® 20 x 20cm £5
Posters from 30 x 20cm up to 120 x 80cm £3 (30 x 20cm)
Photo Board Prints from 20 x 20cm up to 120 x 80cm £8 (20 x 20cm)


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