What is a Metal Print?

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Exactly what is a metal print? What’s behind the unique appeal of aluminium photo prints? Read our quick introduction to find out!

With its superb print clarity and unbeatable durability, the print on aluminium is one of our premium wall decor products. But this strong and understated wall art piece isn’t familiar to all our customers. So we thought we’d take this chance to clarify just what the aluminium print is – and what sets it apart.

And in case you’re wondering if the metal print might be a little on the weighty side, we’ll explain why there’s no need to worry – and introduce the ingenious design we developed to keep our aluminium print as light as possible.

Contents in Brief:


OK, What’s Special About the Metal Print?

What is an aluminium print. Large format metal print with sunset photo.

As bold as they are elegant, metal prints offer premium photo reproduction as well as unbeatable strength. One glance is enough to see why they’re in high demand from fine-art photo galleries, prestigious hotels and business HQs, and the most sophisticated modern homes.

These are just a few of the great qualities that set aluminium prints apart.


So How Have You Kept Weight to a Minimum?

What is an aluminium print. Side view of aluminium composite panel.

Part of the appeal of any metal print lies in its rugged construction, but this can’t come at the expense of convenience and safe installation.

The solution we found to strike this careful balance? An aluminium composite panel.

The composite panel is made up of a black plastic core sandwiched between two aluminium sheets. Thanks to the featherlight black plastic and the ultra-slim cut of the aluminium (already, of course, one of the lightest choices for a metal substrate), we’ve achieved the perfect balance.

What is an aluminium print. Multiple colorful aluminium photo prints displayed on wall.

The aluminium print has all the strength and durability of metal, but comes in a weight that’s comparable with our other wall decor products.

That means our metal print is not only easy to transport, it’s also safe to install on any reasonably sturdy wall.


What About the Print Quality?

What is an aluminium print? Large format photo metal print with image of mountains.

If you decide to print your cherished photo memory on aluminium, get ready to see it as if for the first time.

Metal prints draw on the same breathtaking colour palette as all our premium wall art choices. We select only the very finest inks, and apply them as generously as needed to get saturated colours that will light up any room.

Meanwhile, our state-of-the-art printing technology ensures that every detail of your photo image is reproduced with the strictest accuracy. We achieve ultra-crisp definition as well as the subtlest gradients, for an image that’s as vibrant as it is graceful.


Is the Finish Glossy or Matte?

You can choose either.

We produce the aluminium print in two great versions. Once you’ve uploaded your photo you’ll be directed to the product configurator, where you can choose a matte or glossy finish:


How Can I Install My Metal Print?

What is an aluminium print. Multiple colorful aluminium prints displayed on wall.

Some of our wall art products can be hung up with little more than a length of cord. Needless to say, installing a metal print in a way that gives you complete peace of mind calls for something a bit more robust.

Luckily, we offer two fantastic hanging solutions that you can include as part of your order:

(Note: More detailed instructions are available here on this blog: check out the post “How to Hang Aluminium Prints for Maximum Visual Impact”.)

There are other installation options – such as metal posts or frames – but we recommend the tried-and-tested solutions above, available in our shop for just a small extra cost!


Final Word

What is an aluminium print. Aluminium photo print with sun flower.

Thanks to our cutting-edge printing techniques, the aluminium print can do full justice to fine art photographs. But it’s also got the sheer muscular impact to work as a statement installation. And despite its unmatched strength, it’s not much heavier than an acrylic or photo board print.

All this at prices which shouldn’t be beyond the pocket of any serious first-time buyer of custom photo prints.

So if you’ve got a special photo that’s as powerful as it is elegant, get it printed on aluminium and see for yourself!

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