Things to Do When Bored At Home

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If you’ve found yourself casting around for things to do when bored at home, we’ve put together some creative ideas to start you off!

Stuck in the house? At a loose end? Many people have suddenly found themselves with much more free time than they’re used to, so you’re not the only one!

Here at MYPICTURE we’ve put together some great ideas for things to do when bored at home. So long as you can find a way to unleash your creativity, you could soon find yourself ending each day wondering where the time went…

Rediscover the Games of Your Youth

Access to the internet means being stuck in the house in 2020 is a different experience from a few decades ago. We have access to streaming services, online gaming and a whole range of electronic distractions.

But too much screen time can be just as overstimulating for grown-ups as it can be for kids. If you really have a lot of time to kill, try going back to the slower, more contemplative pastimes of yesteryear. It might sound counterintuitive, but the more you slow down, the more time rushes by.

If you’ve ever wanted to try your hand at chess or a new card game, this is the perfect time. And there’s a lot more games and puzzles that might have gone in and out of fashion but never lost their essential charm.

❣️  MYPICTURE Top Tip: Jigsaw Puzzle.​​​

Sometimes the simplest things can be the most absorbing. Start working on a jigsaw and the next time you glance at the clock you might find three hours have somehow vanished.

An 88-piece puzzle (printed with your own photo!) has been part of the MYPICTURE product range for a while now. And now, responding to huge demand, we’ve added a monster 192-piece version which should give you hour after hour of diabolically challenging fun.

Put Your Photo Collections in Order

The smartphone era has seen the number of photos we take rocket to levels that could scarcely have been imagined not so long ago. But if you’re stuck inside, this might be the first time in years that you haven’t been adding too many snaps to your collection.

It’s the perfect time to take stock and put your photo archives in some kind of order. As well as tidying up your folders, you might want to think about printing your favourite pictures in a physical form too.

❣️  MYPICTURE Top Tip: Photo Book

Think about putting together a photo yearbook for 2019. You’ll have hours of fun reminiscing about the big events and celebrations from last year, picking your favourite pictures and designing the layout of your yearbook.

MYPICTURE produce a fantastic range of photo books, from the showstopping Imperial to the pocket-sized Pixie. Each book comes with a great choice of templates and backgrounds, so you can really get creative and make a unique statement.

And if you want to stay close to your loved ones even as you keep your distance, a photo book is the perfect gift idea!


Take this opportunity to look through your stuff and have a hard think about the stuff you’ve accumulated over the years – do you really need that second vacuum cleaner or that coffee table book about the world’s greatest bridges?

Decluttering takes a bit of steely resolve, but it can do wonders for your stress levels. Think about each item individually, asking yourself if you’d really miss if it if wasn’t there. If you’re not sure that you would, the chances are you’d be better off without it.

The rules are simple: have nothing in your house that you don’t find either useful or beautiful. You’ll be surprised how little of your stuff falls in either category – and how easy it is to cut the rest loose once you’ve made a start.

When you’ve jettisoned the junk, your home will feel less like a self-storage unit and more like a living space. And now you’ll have much more scope to freshen up that interior decor, without piles of odds and ends getting in the way…

…and Redecorate

If you’re going to be staring at four walls for the coming weeks, it’s a good idea to make those walls as attractive as possible.

If you expect to be stuck at home for weeks on end, this might be the time to take on a large-scale redesign project. But even if you haven’t got the money for a top-to-bottom change, there are some simple decor tricks that can make a big difference.


Not long ago we introduced a new product that’s perfect for affordable decorating – and perfect for creative types who love to keep things spontaneous.

MIXPIX® Photo Tiles are lightweight 20 x 20cm hardfoam tiles that come printed with your own photos. They’re sold at a budget price that makes them perfect for buying as a set – plus you get free shipping when you buy 9 or more!

Each tile comes with adhesive pads at the back, so you can simply stick it up straight on the wall – no nails, no fuss. And the best thing? The pads are reusable, meaning you can pull the tiles off whenever you like and stick them up again. Perfect if you want to experiment with different patterns and different positions!

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