Unique Christmas Gifts for Him

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Finding unique Christmas gifts for men in your life can be tough, but our list of Unique Christmas Gifts for Him will make it easier!

We all know that some guys can be hard to buy for. If you’ve got a male friend or relative who knows exactly what he likes, and you struggle to buy him gifts with that true stamp of originality, we feel your pain!

Unique Christmas Gifts for Him. Two photo canvas prints next to Christmas tree.

The magic of personalized photo printing is that each print you buy is a true-to-life reproduction of your very own photo.

Which means that not only are photo gifts perfect when you want to pay tribute to a precious shared memory, but also that each gift is – by its very nature – a one-of-a-kind item that can’t be found on the high street.

We’re sure at least one of these ideas will be right for you…which is to say, right for him!

1) Photo Towel

A photo towel is a fantastic gift all-rounder. If the guy you’re buying for is super-active and sporty, he’ll be able to make a real statement with his personalised towel at the pool or sports hall.

But if he prefers a more sedate pace of life, no problem – a photo towel will look just as striking at home in the bathroom, or spread out on a lounger as soon as the next beach holiday kicks off!

Unique Christmas Gifts for Him. personalized towel on bathtub.

With a full-area print on premium terry cloth, the personalised towel will really make a splash with its long-lasting, ultra-vivid colours – all thanks to our state-of-the-art thermosublimation printing!

2) Photo on Wood

The print on wood is the chunkiest and most rugged of all our products. Your photo is printed directly onto a 10mm-thick wooden plate, giving it the kind of sinewy rustic charm that’s perfect for any man cave.

Unique Christmas Gifts for Him. Personalised print on wood with photo of couple.

The wood grain is deliberately left visible after printing, creating a striking interplay between the fine detail of the print and the natural character of the timber. Meaning each photo print on wood is doubly unique!

3) Photo Tiles

Have you got a younger male relative with an artistic side you’d love to see him develop? We recently added an exciting new product that could act as the perfect creative spark: MIXPIX® Photo Tiles.

Unique Christmas Gifts for Him. Photo tiles on wall.

MIXPIX® come with reusable adhesive pads, so it’s easy to stick up your tiles in a funky pattern, and just as easy to pull them off and start again if you want a fresh look. Ideal for a budding interior designer who’s ready for a bit of creative trial and error!

4) Photo on Aluminium

Here’s one that’s perfect for a modern bachelor pad. The aluminium print is elegantly slim but superbly durable, with an understated look that would suit any contemporary, minimalist design scheme.

Unique Photo Gifts for Him. Two aluminium prints with deer.

The metal panel is ingeniously made – a featherlight black plastic core between two sheets of aluminium makes the print as robust as could be, while keeping weight to a minimum.

Choose either of two versions for the stylish man-about-town in your life: a glossy print on laminated photo paper, or a matte version printed directly on the metal.

5) Photo Doormat

The smaller format of our personalised rugs comes in 70 x 50cm dimensions – the perfect size for a unique photo doormat. If you’re looking for unusual Christmas gifts for men, this one will really show some lateral thinking!

Unique Christmas Gifts for Him. Personalised photo doormat.

As usual you can print any image of your choice, so have a think about what the guy you’re buying for would most like to see when he gets home. And there’s an Add Text function at our site – perfect if you’ve got a cheeky doormat quote in mind!

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