The Ultimate Office Wall Decor: Acrylic Prints

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Searching for office wall decor that looks effortlessly professional? We explain why acrylic prints make the best office wall art.

Choosing the decor for your workspace should never be an afterthought. If you want your business to grow, your office needs to look the part. After all, your team will be working there every day – and it will make that all-important first impression on clients.

Here at we’re wall decor experts. We know which kind of photo wall art is best suited for every purpose. And in this article we’ll talk about the unique qualities of acrylic prints – and make the case that choosing acrylic for your office wall decor will help you build your business!

Contents in Brief:

The Perfect Match for Fine Art Photography

Build Your Business with Acrylic Prints. Close-up side view of acrylic photo print.

Office wall decor is aimed at two audiences: your employees and your clients. It’s not just there to make your workspace an attractive, pleasant place to work, but to project an image of taste and professionalism to potential customers.

That’s why fine art photography is such a popular choice – it gets that professional look but doesn’t cross the line into anonymous corporate blandness.

And acrylic photo prints are perfectly tailored for fine art photos. Here’s why:

Office Wall Decor that Makes a Bold Statement

Build Your Business with Acrylic Prints. Beautiful acrylic photo print with hand holding mug.

The contemporary look of the acrylic print – with its borderless design and slimline build (just 3mm in depth) – lets the photo image take the limelight. This is a print foundation that’s made to enhance, not compete. And this sends a message in itself: that this is a forward-looking company that’s ready to trim the fat and stay focused on results.

Of course, if you choose a stripped-back design for your office wall art substrate, you need to be sure the artwork itself is worth looking at! Rest assured that the acrylic print gives you the performance you need. Our 12-colour print technology achieves superb image reproduction – expect crisp lines and subtle gradients as well as saturated colours that simply glow.

How Your Business Could Benefit

Build Your Business with Acrylic Prints. Beautiful large scale acrylic photo print.

Business reputation and credibility are as precious as they are elusive. Of course, developing a reputation as a reliable partner means getting 1001 things right – but the first impression your office makes is by no means the least of these. It will colour everything you say to a potential client or investor – at that crucial point when blue-sky thinking can seem like reassuring confidence or worrying hubris.

And you can’t build your business without a committed and positive team. If you don’t feel inspired when you walk into that open-plan workspace, the chances are they won’t either. Creating a strong visual identity is part of building team spirit, but filling your office with clutter isn’t an option – so you need to get it right with just a few statement pieces.

Forget business cards or mission statements. Acrylic prints have the restrained authority and poised beauty you need to build your firm’s identity. And thanks to the unbeatable prices at, getting your office wall art right only needs a modest investment – and it can bring fantastic returns.


Upgrading to Acrylic + Aluminium for Maximum Impact

Build Your Business with Acrylic Prints. Beautiful print on acrylic glass featuring woman in swimsuit.

Any acrylic print makes a bold statement. But what if you have a particularly conspicuous wall space, or a real showstopper image that sums up your company ethos perfectly? You might want to consider upgrading to acrylic + aluminium for your office wall decor.

Acrylic + aluminium is a luxury composite of two of our high-end products: printed on an aluminium panel, your image is then topped with immaculate acrylic glass. As well as its aesthetic impact, the new composite offers unbeatable strength. All at a price that shouldn’t send the accounts desk into meltdown, even if you’re a start-up decorating the office for the first time.

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