The Best Home Office Ideas Pinterest Has to Offer

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Here are some of the most creative home office ideas Pinterest has on show right now. Get inspired and transform your own home office!

Our recent article Home Office Ideas for the First-Time Homeworker enjoyed a lot of attention. As well as giving some advice about how to look after your health and wellbeing while working from home, it encouraged our readers to put their personal stamp on their new workstation and try out some fresh design ideas.

To help you get inspired, here’s our pick of the most interesting home office statements to be found on Pinterest right now. Whether you fancy a space-saving glimpse into the future or a nostalgic look back in time, we hope you find a workspace that works for you!

Make the Most of Your Cubic Metres

Turning the spare room into a home office is all well and good…provided you’ve got a room to spare. For most of us that isn’t the case. Luckily, most of us also won’t need that much space – if you’ve got room for a desk, you’re halfway there.

This is a great opportunity to use those awkward spaces in your home that don’t really get used. Think the space under the stairs, or the tucked-away bit of an L-shaped room.

The Tetris Effect

Here the blocky design of the shelving echoes the overall shape of this cubic cubbyhole, and the lighting creates an appealing chessboard effect, making for a calming sense of order.

Dynamo Under the Stairs

Using the underside of a staircase for storage is a great way to use space that would be going to waste otherwise. Create an impromptu filing cabinet above your head and everything you need will be close within reach. Meanwhile the gap under this staircase is just wide enough to spin a chair round.

Japanese Miniature

This elegant hole in the wall really seems to magic up some useable space out of nothing. What’s particularly impressive is how distinct the workspace feels from the rest of the house.

Shed Your Preconceptions

You might have to work from home right now, but nobody said you have to work in the house! If you’re lucky enough to have an outbuilding that’s fit for the purpose then getting out into the garden makes perfect sense.

You’ll be disturbed less than you will inside, and the change of scenery will be great for keeping up a clear distinction between worktime and downtime. This won’t just help you stay professional during office hours, it will help you unwind properly after you log off – with all the benefits that has for your wellbeing.

Bring the Inside Out

This stylishly modernistic reinvention of the garden shed offers plenty of room and a superbly clean and focused decor scheme. The glass doors provide enough insulation for year-round occupancy – and serve as a window onto nature too. Let the great British flora and fauna help you get inspired!

Contain Yourself

Shipping containers come with robust, waterproof qualities as standard, meaning they’re ideal when you need to improvise some extra outside space at an accessible price. Any container (they’re all the same size, obviously) will give you ample room for your workstation plus filing space.

Cause a Stir in the Video Conference

The modern home-plan office is designed for maximum efficiency – and it does get fantastic results. But looking at photos of the clerks and tellers of yesteryear, sitting at their elegantly austere desks, you can feel that modern advances in workspace flow and ergonomics have come at the expense of character.

Working from home means you get much more leeway to make an individual style statement. So long as you follow the guidelines keeping you fit and healthy, you don’t need to conform to anyone else’s ideas about “professional” design!

And remember: personalised wall decoration from MYPICTURE is perfect if you need some help putting your unique stamp on your home office. We print your photos on a range of premium wall art, including stylishly borderless aluminium prints.

The Best of Old and New

This retro design combines the elegant sweep of a vintage desk with the uncluttered and rational layout of a modern workstation. The keyboard doesn’t look remotely out of place, proving that you don’t need to write with a fountain pen to integrate some classic aesthetics into your working day.

Gracefully Girly

When it comes to interior design, only you can decide where the boundary lies between audacious and outrageous. This ultra-feminine home office might look like it’s located in a fairy-tale turret, but it’s soothingly lit and professionally laid out. There’s no reason you can’t handle the workload of today in a workspace from another age.

The Full Hogwarts

OK, if you’ve got an actual library in your home, it’s safe to assume you’ve got a self-contained study too. But still. Once you’ve set up your workstation in a grand oak-panelled room like this, you’ll be filled with a sense of duty that’s filtered down through the generations. Which might help you focus a bit more on that quarterly expenditure review.

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