How to Frame a Picture: The Effortless Solution

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Wondering how to frame a picture? There’s one solution that couldn’t be simpler: find a print provider selling ready-framed pictures

If you have a photo image that you want to display on your walls, custom printing specialists like MYPICTURE will produce a new top-quality print reproduction. We present your image in an elegant frame with a traditional pure-white mount and a shimmering acrylic glass cover, and deliver it straight to your door.

Framed prints are a dream come true if you don’t have the time – or the DIY confidence – to frame a picture yourself. All you need to do is go to our framed print page, upload a digital copy of your picture, choose a few design features, and complete your order. Five minutes of your time, zero effort!

In this Article:

Why Picture Framing Matters

Framing a picture can give it more power and intensity, and turn it into a cohesive decor item with a real sense of heritage.

How to Frame a Picture: The Effortless Solution. A set of two framed prints featuring photos of a young couple.

The frames sold here at MYPICTURE are designed to do just that. We offer five classic designs, ranging from elegant black matte to warm wooden tones such as vintage oak and walnut flair.

Buy your print ready-framed from MYPICTURE and you don’t need to worry about finding the right frame. We offer all the most popular size formats for wall art, and each one comes perfectly fitted with your choice of frame.

Size Formats Available at MYPICTURE

Below you can find all the framed photo print sizes available in our catalogue, along with their prices.​

Format Price
20 x 20cm £14.90
30 x 20cm £24.90
40 x 30cm £34.90
40 x 40cm £37.90
60 x 40cm £39.90
80 x 60cm £54.90


Note: The larger the size format you want, the bigger the digital image you’ll need to provide. Each size of print requires a certain minimum resolution (a.k.a. pixel count) to get a perfectly crisp result.

But you don’t need to worry about ordering a size too big for your image: after you upload your photo, our system will automatically calculate its resolution, and you’ll only be offered the print sizes that are suitable.

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Which Frame Size for Which Print Format?

Framed prints from MYPICTURE come with a pure-white mount bordering your image in the traditional style. The frame needs to accommodate both the print and the white border, so of course it needs to be a fair bit larger than the print itself.

How to Frame a Picture: The Effortless Solution. Young woman setting up framed picture for a display on a gallery wall.

That means that if you’ve got particular dimensions in mind for your photo, you’ll need to order your framed picture in a somewhat larger size.

We’ve listed some popular print sizes below, and the framed picture format you’ll need to select in each case to get the dimensions you want.

1. What size frame for A2 print?

If you want to get your photo printed at MYPICTURE in A2 dimensions, the best frame size to order would be 80 x 60cm.

2. What size frame for A3 print?

If your desired print size is closer to A3, the best fit would be 60 x 40cm.

3. What size frame for A4 print?

If you’re interested in framing A4 prints at MYPICTURE, you should order a 40 x 30cm framed photo.

Framed Photo Prints – Why It Makes Sense to Buy Ready-Framed

There are several advantages of buying framed prints at MYPICTURE as opposed to framing your pictures at home:

How to Frame a Picture: The Effortless Solution. Two framed photo prints featuring photos of two ladies.

You won’t regret choosing MYPICTURE, a respected provider with hundreds of thousands of personalised prints sold.

So, want to do it the easy way? Here’s how to order:

What You Need to Print & Frame a Picture:

How to Print & Frame a Picture in 5 Simple Steps:

How to Frame a Picture: The Effortless Solution. Framed photo next to canvas print.

It couldn’t be easier. So head to our Framed Photo product page now and get the whole job done at a stroke!

*The production and delivery time for our framed prints is just 5-8 days in total. Note that longer waits are possible in exceptionally busy periods (the Christmas season being the prime example).

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