How to Make Your Own Blanket Printed with Photos

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Now you can make your own picture blanket online! In this article we’ll show you how to make your own blanket printed with photos.

We’ll introduce you to our new personalised picture blanket. Along the way we’ll look back at the history of blankets – and explain why designing picture blankets online is such a fantastic idea!

Full instructions for making your blanket are down the page. But if you’re in a hurry, we’ve included a quick how-to below:

All you need to make your own photo blanket:

How to make a photo blanket:

  1. Choose photo. Choose a digital photo for your blanket

  2. Upload photo. Upload your photo to MYPICTURE

  3. Select format. Select your preferred size format

  4. Check out. Proceed to checkout

Picture Blanket: New Twist on an Old Favourite

Latest lifestyle trend. Personalised photo blanket. Woman covering up in a cosy blanket.

The blanket has always been an unsung domestic hero.

Nothing else nudges the dial from “pleasantly snug” up to “thoroughly cosy now” with the speed and efficiency of a blanket. It’s got a built-in temperature control system, modulated by the slightest tightening or loosening of the fabric.

A true household essential. But not, if we’re honest, an area of the lifestyle accessory market which has seen many innovations – at least within living memory.

But customised photo printing has changed all that. Now you can make your own picture blanket online by simply uploading your favourite photos and making a couple of simple customisation choices.

How to Make Your Own Blanket

1) Choose a digital photo for your blanket

You’ve got free rein here! Family photos, pictures of beloved pets or just witty quotes will all work brilliantly.

2) Upload your photo to MYPICTURE

Our system can accept photos in .JPG, .JPEG or .PNG format. If the image isn’t suitable, you’ll see a message letting you know.

3) Select your preferred size format

You’ll only see the size options which are suitable for the size of your photo – because we want to make sure the print quality is first-class every time. We make blankets in three size formats: 100 × 70cm, 150 × 100cm and 200 × 150cm.

4) Proceed to checkout

Just complete your order and we’ll do the rest!

Picture Blanket Online: Why Our Blankets Are Right for You

Latest lifestyle trend. Personalised photo blanket with two kids and a mountain terrain.  

At MYPICTURE we only launch a new product when we’re sure we can meet our strict standards for quality. And we know our new picture blanket yields to none of the competition!

You’ll benefit from the following great features:

Blankets: A Potted History

Traditionally made of wool (one Thomas Blanquette gave his name to a particular woollen weave and this later became the general name), blankets were usually as rugged and substantial as possible, fit for a world before double-glazing and central heating.

But this was a market that always served the king as well as the commoner, and many beautiful luxury items from before the industrial era (silk and furs were popular materials) have survived to the 21st century.

Latest lifestyle trend. Personalised photo blanket. Cat's paw grabbing a pumpkin.

With the machine age, man-made fibres brought warmth and durability along with striking reductions in weight and manufacturing costs. High-quality products became accessible across the social spectrum.

But along with mass production maybe something was lost as well. With identical blanket designs found in homes up and down the country, a certain special quality – that unique identity that comes with a one-of-a-kind piece – became harder to find.

And Into the Future…

Well, finally the conditions are right for the era of mass customisation.

The digital revolution means the waiting time between capturing an image and sharing it has been trimmed down to virtually nothing.

And constant improvements in printing technology have let us achieve the rich colours and clarity of resolution that are the hallmark of any MYPICTURE product – while maintaining our unbeatably quick turnaround times and incredibly low prices.

Your blanket features a wonderfully crisp and faithful reproduction of your photo. With the minimum of care it will stay in the same superb condition for years to come.

Ideal as a Gift – or Just for You

Anywhere in the house you like to get cosy, this versatile item will work its magic. Whether kept on the sofa or laid out as a bedspread, picture blankets can bring new life to any room.

Latest lifestyle trend personalised photo blanket. Photo blanket with two dogs. ​​

A picture blanket makes a simply perfect gift idea. Give your loved ones a shared photo memory – a wedding portrait, a stunning view from an unforgettable holiday or a picture of a beloved family pet.

This unique twist on a household essential gives new meaning to the words “wrapped up in memories”. And those memories are chosen by you and you alone. 

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