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Photo calendar – important dates and pictures at a glance

We developed our photo calendar program paying special attention to make a user-friendly interface. An abundance of useful tools, so easy to use that even children can do it, offers you the possibility to design and process your photo book depending on your taste. And the best part is: you can save your photo calendar and continue the work at any time.

Download and install the photo calendar program for free:: By pressing the "Download" button, you easily and quickly reach your goal. The installation file of the photo calendar software, at your choice, will be saved on the computer desktop or in downloads folder. The installation begins with a simple click on the file.

You can use our program in any of these operative systems: Windows 2000, XP, Vista and Windows 7. You can uninstall the program manually at any time.

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All functions of our software for your perfect photo calendar

  • Cut, rotate and superimpose photos
  • Effects of colors: black and white, sepia, red filter
  • Frames: add colorful frames to the photos (standard or special colors), shadows and glow effect
  • Masks: heart-shaped, textures for distinguished photos
  • Special effects: red eye correction, transparency, color photo, color saturation, contrast etc. for distinguished photos
  • Choice of background: Individually for each page with standard colors, special colors, using manual choice, with your photos or using template backgrounds
  • Text tools: Add text and individually set the color, font and size
  • Clipart: Use own or given data as clipart

Please do not be surprised about the quality of the photos in your photo calendar. The quality is lowered for faster loading. For print, originals will be used, so your photo calendar will be delivered to you with images of the highest quality.

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2018-05-02. Our customers rate with 4.7 stars from 5, based upon 27358 reviews collected by Google and/or its partners. Start designing your Personalised Photo Calendar now!

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