The Newest Living Trends of 2016

The latest trends
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The current trends are combining traditional style and modern interior. Tomorrow's decoration is focused on simplicity and a subtle range of colours in combination with eye-catching pieces. The characteristic feature still continues to be the functionality of the furniture. Read more to find out what kinds of trends are coming, staying and going for 2016.

The trend over the last couple of years towards nature is set to stay. To achieve a modern look it is most important to find furniture pieces with a minimalist design – this helps accentuate the rustic feel and brings a lot of cosiness into our home. If you are looking for that certain something for your own place, look for a few fancy deco-elements to help some corners stand out

Natural Design

Furniture pieces with obvious grain and wooden structure are most popular at the moment. Furthermore, the warm wood tones contribute to a charming interior. What matters is that the furniture is manufactured with absolutely skilled workmanship; rough wood surfaces don't belong to this trend.

The same applies to the fabrics of curtains, cushions, carpets and other textiles. Linen, wool and cotton are perfect for the natural look in all their different variations and processing. Sewn, knitted or woven – it's all up to you! Even crochet doilies are an option, as long as they don't appear unsophisticated. Although the current trend is about breathing new life into traditional items, this must be done in a renewed, modern way.

Functionality and Effortlessness

As already shown on many fairs for decoration and design last year, room dividers are quite popular right now. Instead of pre-defined rooms, people do prefer bigger rooms with open spaces, which can be separated into individual zones by beautiful dividers.

Room dividers don't necessarily have to be actual room dividers; for example a couch or a bookshelf can serve as such, but also a decorative element like a curtain can be used to separate a small safe haven from the rest of the living room.

To create the feeling of effortlessness it is important to avoid massive cabinets and expressive coloured walls. Instead, we focus on a more subtle placement of our furniture to free up space.

Warm light and pastel colours

Continuous burner LED: Those energy-saving LED-lamps are not only more durable than conventional light bulbs, but also very popular in modern homes nowadays because they are usable in many different ways. While LED has already been used in electrical equipment and decoration for a long time, they were not often used in home lighting due to the hard-garish effect they can have. Today, LED is also available in warm tones, which fit perfectly to this new living trend. Especially popular are LEDs in the tone of typical old bulbs.

To emphasise the effortlessness, it is recommended to select pastel colours for one's own four walls. From baby-blue to mint green to peach - these colours will draw attention to bright wood perfectly. Painted walls, decoration or textile fabrics in these hues are crucial in creating an authentic look.

Eye-catching shapes

The accessoires for your new home should be in striking geometrical shapes: For example triangles on printed fabrics, six-sided boxes or quirky clocks for the wall. But the eye-catchers are vases, lampshades and bowls in modern folding optics. The interplay of eye-catching shapes and pastel colours create a beautiful balance for your new home.

The current living trend is focusing on the well-being of ourselves and Mother Nature. For those who would like to continue with this theme for their wall décor: How about decorating your own place with eco-friendly canvas prints from The handmade canvases are all produced with solvent-free inks, which fits perfectly to this new style of living. And with the option to print whatever you want, it's easy to choose the right colours for the room.

Television Altar

The subtle integration of the TV replaces the "television-altar"

Pastel colours emphasize the effortlessness

Pastel colours emphasize the effortlessness of new living trend

Natural appearance for windows

Even windows can combine the natural appearance and functionality

Geometric-shaped decorations are in vogue

Eye-catching and geometric-shaped decorations are in vogue

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