The New Photo Trends of 2016

Inspiration for better photography
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Photography continues to evolve, and there are new trends in 2016 being used by artists and creatives to take even better pictures. We will introduce you to six exciting photo trends that will inspire every aspiring photographer to capture new images.

Landscapes with a human prop

Landscape photography is still a trend in 2016. One big difference has emerged in the last year and is still staying strong, which is that rather than just taking a picture of the landscape, which is clearly breath-taking and stunning, photographers use a person as a prop. It is not that easy to take a great landscape photo. We often come across vast plains and a flat horizon that look amazing in person – but look featureless and boring in a photo.

Simply more interesting with a person
Make a beautiful location even more stunning

Simply more interesting with a person - make a beautiful location even more stunning.

A person in the centre of a unique landscape lets the eye focus on a point and sets the picture apart from the number of nature photographs out there. The person does not need to be the focus of the picture; they can be blurry in the background to give the photograph more depth. The person could also stand in the middle and create a relationship to the landscape - it doesn’t always need to be a tree or a building! In any case, a person will relax the landscape, structure the photo in an interesting way and, especially in the case of flat landscapes, creates a feeling of endlessness.

Flat Lay - look good

The so-called Flat Lay is a huge trend on Instagram in particular, but Shutterstock predicts it will become more and more popular in the coming year. Objects, flowers, food and even articles of clothing are laid flat on a neutral, structured or patterned background and photographed. The approach is incredibly useful and almost always results in a great photo.

Flay lay always looks fantastic
Perfect for rooms as a canvas print

Flay Lay always looks fantastic - and is perfect for rooms as a canvas print.

Flat Lay lets you show off your new shoes, shirts and skirts, finally arrange old finds into a cool still life, or present the ingredients you are using in your latest curry recipe. Flay Lay photos are not only suited for your Instagram account, they’re also perfect for your blog or for your canvas prints. Try it out and experiment with different objects! Photograph your essentials - the perfect decoration for your room! Try it with fruit and vegetable for the kitchen or with colourful clothing for the empty wall space next to your wardrobe!

Flashback- the lightning is back

You probably look back with horror at your overexposed face that shows up in old party pictures, a throwback to a time when flash exposure was necessary. We have tried for so long to do away with flash and take pictures that look as natural as possible that we have completely forgotten what the great effects flash can create. Forget about avoiding flash, as of 2016 flashbulbs are officially back.

Create interesting portraits despite overexposure
When used correctly flash

When used correctly flash will create interesting portraits despite overexposure.

Youth magazines and photographers such as Danil Nevsky and Marija Mandic show us how it works. Flash can give photos more authenticity and character, create deep shadows and depth and dynamics for bright surfaces and makes colours shine. Bring your flash and camera to the next party and take pictures of the dancing guests, the cool party decorations and maybe even a selfie.

Outside of mainstream

Of course there have always been photographers who take pictures of people and objects that have been well outside of the highly-polished mainstream. But now the trend is to photograph outsiders and real, gritty life, even in advertising. The experts at Getty Images claim that outsider and mess-thetics will change the face of advertising and product photography in 2016. Blond Instagram beauties and fancy cars are no longer in the focus, but instead people who cross borders, physically and mentally, the aesthetics of ugly. It is a departure from the oppressive rules of everyday life, as well as the prevailing trends in visual design.

Dont look away
Beauty can be found anywhere even where its unexpected

Don’t look away - beauty can be found anywhere, even where it’s unexpected.

Trends in wedding photography

The term wedding photography sounds stuffy and not overly exciting, but far from it: if you are getting married soon and are searching for the right photographer, you are sure to find a young camera artist who will capture the most beautiful day of your life exactly as you’d like. Wedding photography has developed rapidly and there are a few trends in this area that you might like. Backlit photos are becoming popular and give your portrait with your sweetheart or the photo of your new wife a romantic look.

Secretly take a photo of the-proposal
A job for your best friend

A job for your best friend - secretly take a photo of the proposal.

Surprise your future partner with a photo of the proposal - you’ll only need detailed planning and strict secrecy. Casual photography is now a popular form of wedding photography. If you’re not the type for formal arrangements, with forced smiles and stiff clothes, you can take relaxed photos of you, your partner and your family and friends. The photos will show just how much fun you really had at your wedding!

The revival of film

Die-hard photographers never gave up on film and kept hold of their Canon AE1 and Polaroids, while the rest of the world moved on to digital photography, perhaps overusing it just a bit. Do you yearn to take pictures that look like pictures, and don’t need to be edited to give off that feeling of having captured an important moment? Then grab your old camera, buy some film and get going.

Analog photography is charming
Change your digital photos into retro prints

Analog photography is charming - with us you can change your digital photos into retro prints: your image box.

Knowing that you only have one roll of film with your automatically makes you more aware of the subject and lighting conditions that you are looking for. Rejoice in gentle colours, nuances and an incomparable depth when you collect your developed photos. No matter how great your digital camera is, nothing compares to the feeling of anticipation and reward when your photos are revealed to be something great.

Grab a camera and go on a photo safari!

Which of these trends do you like the best? Which ones do you want to try out straight away? Grab a camera and head outside. The world surprises us every day with new images that you can capture with these new photo trends. Set the scene for your favourite photos with the different frames from our shop, or maybe even create your own photo gallery in your living room!

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