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Your own photo masterpiece in a large panoramic format above the sofa makes for a great wall decoration! There are even more exciting and exclusive ways to design your photo prints suggested in this post. And the best part is, we even lend a hand and thus save you a few pounds.

Panoramic images

Whether it’s for large wall surfaces or more compact spaces, with a large picture you not only enhance the impression of spaciousness but actually produce it, too. This works particularly well in small apartments! Natural landscape scenes are best suited to this format, but pictures of major city centres and interior views of iconic buildings can also create captivating highlights in your room.

A photo in panoramic format creates space and spatiality

A photo in panoramic format creates a feeling of spaciousness

Modern technology makes it easy for us: many digital cameras have a panorama feature, often supporting 360-degree images. Furthermore, you can find numerous inexpensive or even free tools online to help you achieve the same result by combining single images to seamlessly compose a finished panorama picture. Examples of freeware are Microsoft Image Composite Editor or the open source program Hugin by Pablo D’Angelo.

If you're an ambitious amateur photographer, you perhaps already have a professional program such as Adobe Photoshop or Photoshop Elements. Both, of course, are also ideal for this task.

The photographic part

The first step is to arrange your personal pictures in frames and then assemble them to create a panoramic image by making use of "stitching" technology. Please note: large canvas prints require a correspondingly high resolution. Otherwise the enlargement will become "mushy" and blurry. Even ordinary compact cameras provide enough megapixels to be up to the task these days.

You can get such wide picture combining three individual photos

You can get a strikingly wide picture by combining three individual photos

Modern panorama tools can work wonders, but the camera position for the individual shots should still, whenever possible, remain the same. The settings should also be, as much as possible, identical. Most programs correct differing shutter speeds, zoom measurements and focal lengths, but these features have their natural limits. So ideally you should proceed as follows:

  • It's best to put your camera on a tripod before you photograph the individual images for the panorama. Alternatively, positioning the camera on a ledge or a similar stable surface would also do the job.
  • Photograph the farthest-right or farthest-left view first and turn the camera slightly after each shot – don’t turn it too far, as the images have to partly overlap each other so that they can be seamlessly pieced together on the computer later. You should probably photograph several pictures in a row before you turn the camera.
  • Then you hand it over to the Panorama Editor to do the assembling for you.
It is even possible without a tripod, though it is more difficult. Support yourself by, for example, photographing from a wall

You can do it even without a tripod, though it’s more difficult. Make it easier for yourself by shooting from a wall or similar

Size and finishing

Before you order a print of the image, you have to consider the optimal size and the finishing. Both depend on the room situation as well as the subject and, of course, your budget (although our great canvas prints come at wonderfully low prices). Although investing in such a personal and exclusive room decoration is definitely worthwhile, be sure to check how your print will look on our handy preview window, just to ensure that the colours will suit your interior space.

Split photos

Surprising and intriguing accents can be achieved for large-scale pictures by splitting photos up. Whether the picture is divided into two, three or even eight frames obviously depends on both the subject of the picture and the space available. What this type of presentation calls for is a clever and exciting division. The principle is simple: you divide your photo into several sections and print them individually. The finished individual prints can be hung a small distance apart from each other or, depending on the division, one above the other. This way you can achieve a beautiful gallery look in your own room.

Divide your photo into several sections and hang the individual canvasses.

Divide your photo into several sections and hang each canvas individually

You can split simple landscape pictures, close-up shots of flowers or abstract compositions into as many separate pictures as you like. When a particular section of the image needs to be emphasized, it’s an effective technique to print it in a larger format than the other sections. The different heights and widths of the individual elements of the split image, as well as the layout, will draw the viewer's eye to the central theme.

A simple two-thirds to one-third ratio split can also achieve a very nice result in a limited space. On a large wall surface, you can really go wild – here the possible combinations are endless.

Divide your picture, and the focus of the picture, in several prints of different sizes

Divide your picture into prints of different sizes and break up the focus

Preliminary work in image editing program

Creating a mini-series with your own pictures is a little tricky, as the subject adjustment often calls for some preparation. On the other hand, this has one significant advantage: when processing your picture in the photo editing program, you can use the different variations option and see the perfect picture cut as precisely as possible. You can save the selected sections of the picture and order them in the desired size.

The DIY method

This solution is certainly convenient. Alternatively, you can order a single large photo print and then crop the photo yourself. This saves you a bit of money and makes sense if you’re less proficient with the image editor than with a ruler and knife. Of course, this does require a lot of planning (otherwise the beautiful printed photo will be quickly and irretrievably ruined). The best thing to do is first of all to draw the desired sections on a small print of the photo and then transfer the pattern on a larger scale to the back of the full-size print.

The clever alternative: Order your image as a single poster and cut it yourself

The clever alternative: order your image as a single poster and cut it yourself

Be creative

The final hanging arrangement provides additional possibilities for creative and unconventional design. We tend to stick automatically to a horizontal perspective. But if you’re ready to get creative, turning the pictures slightly or arranging them asymmetrically can, depending on the subject, achieve a surprising and wonderful effect.

Another very elegant option is to frame each part of the whole picture in its own picture frame so that the sections appear even more clearly separated.


You don’t always need to spend a lot of money to create an exceptional and unique wall decoration for your home. Sometimes it depends mainly on your own creativity – and of course on your photographic masterpieces!

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