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How to make your loved ones very happy
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Whether it’s Christmas, a birthday, your wedding anniversary or Mothers’ Day, you don’t have to go to the local shop to buy a gift. Why not give your loved one something very special to express just how much you value and appreciate them? Photos make a perfect gift! We’d like to suggest 7 ways to use your photos to make your loved ones happy.

1. Wall Decoration

Do you have a fantastic photo of yourself and your partner on a beach with palm trees in the background, taken when you were on your last holiday together? Wouldn’t it be lovely to give this image pride of place in your home, and let it be a constant reminder of that perfect, romantic time together? We offer a choice between photos on canvas, behind acrylic glass, on aluminium or on photo board. Another good choice is a mounted and framed photo, especially if it’s a very high-quality photo taken by a professional photographer. Take a look at our range and then decide which format and material is best suited for your photo. If you’d like to give your photo a timeless quality, you could always opt for a black-and-white filter. Whether you choose something small and discreet or go for a much larger format, your loved ones are sure to be impressed with their new wall decoration!

Memories in the form of hand-made photos on canvas and high resolution, premium quality prints

Memories in the form of hand-made photos on canvas and high-resolution, premium-quality prints

2. Photo Blanket

Photo blankets are now one of our most popular personalised gifts. If you give someone a blanket as a gift, you make them feel as if you’re with them whenever they’re snuggled up in it. We can print the photo of your choice on a soft and fluffy blanket made of flannel fleece. The very realistic photoprint on your photo blanket can be washed at 30°C. All you have to do is select a nice photo, upload the image to our website and choose one of three sizes. Landscapes and animal images look great on a blanket, but you can also choose a portrait or an artistic design. The most important thing is to choose an image that best conveys the message you want to send to your loved one!

This incredibly soft and snuggly blanket will bring your loved ones some warm and special moments

This incredibly soft and snuggly blanket will bring your loved ones some warm and special moments

3. Cushions

You can also order a cushion to match your blanket. Choose the same image as the one on the blanket, or perhaps a different one that complements it. We have both glossy photo cushions and premium matte photo cushions. The glossy version has your photo printed in the middle, surrounded by a soft, white satin edge that has an extremely fine texture. Our 12-colour technology makes the colours especially bright, and they’re sure to bring great pleasure to your loved ones for a very long time. The premium cushion comes with a cover made of high-quality, hand-sewn canvas. This version has your photo printed on the whole surface, with no trim around the edge so that you can see the image very clearly, as if it was made by a designer. The cushion covers have a zip fastening. They’re 40cm wide and they can be washed at 40°C.

Choose a smooth satin cushion or a handy premium cushion and give someone a gift that is decorative and comforting all at the same time

Choose a smooth satin cushion or a handy premium cushion and give someone a gift that's decorative and comforting at the same time.

4. Mobile Phone Case

Everybody takes their smartphone when they leave the house. If you’d like your loved one to think of you wherever they are and whatever they’re doing, then a mobile phone case is an ideal choice of gift. If you have a good photograph of yourself – or even better, of the two of you together – then upload it to our website and we’ll print it on a mobile-phone case made of sturdy plastic. You can choose between a glossy or matte case. Both have the same high-quality features: the guaranteed bright and lasting colour that our 12-colour printing technology provides, and all the gaps and slots that you need to use the camera and flash on your smartphone. We have mobile phone cases for all of the most popular smartphone models, so take a look at our range and see if you can design a case for yourself, or as a gift for someone special!

Design a fashionable, protective Smartphone case for someone you love – a unique and creative gift

Design a fashionable, protective smartphone case for someone you love – a unique and creative gift

5. Mousepad

Do you have a friend, partner or family member who spends a lot of time at their desk? Why not give them a mouse mat, so that they’ll have something to smile about when they’re busy working! We offer mouse pads with a pleasant microfibre surface on top, and an anti-slip, natural-rubber surface underneath. You can select any photographic image you like: a favourite pet, a holiday snap, or even a funny picture of you and your loved one in the pub. We’ll make sure that the picture on the mouse pad has a high resolution and bright colours so that it will brighten up any office space!

The fine, microfibre surface is so much nicer than plastic and when it comes with a photo, it turns into a very individual gift

The fine microfibre surface feels so much nicer than plastic

6. Mugs

Photo mugs are another wonderful way of giving something special and personal to your loved ones. If you like taking photos of the natural world you could use a flower motif, or of course you could have holiday snaps, quotations or illustrations printed on your mug. How about a nice motto to help someone start the day on a positive note? Or a happy picture of a child is sure to bring a smile to your loved one’s face when they wake up in the morning. We offer a choice of Classic Ceramic Mugs, Premium Porcelain Mugs, Magic Mugs that reveal your photo when a hot drink is poured in, and Multi-coloured Mugs that are coloured on the inside too. All our mugs are dishwasher safe and suitable for the microwave, and all of them feature superb prints in full colour. Upload your photo now and design your own, personal photo mug – or even a whole set of matching mugs!

We all known that everyone likes to drink out of their own mug – design an individual Photo Mug for every member of your family!

We all know everyone likes to drink out of their own mug – design an individual Photo Mug for every member of your family!

7. Puzzle

If you like playing games with your loved ones, then our jigsaw puzzle would be a good gift choice for you. Pick an image that draws you together, such as a photo of you all celebrating Christmas last year, or on holiday together, or in the garden, or spending a private moment in your favourite place. We’ll print your photo on strong cardboard and then stamp out 88 pieces. The jigsaw puzzle will be precisely cut, and it will have bright colours and high-quality resolution. Now you can reconstruct your memories together piece by piece and spend happy times together, forming even more happy memories for the future! Photo puzzles can also be made into a gift certificate that the recipient needs to piece together before they find out what they’re getting.

A jigsaw puzzle – as good as a photographic print – a lovely surprise that signals some happy time together

A photo jigsaw puzzle – a lovely surprise that promises some happy time together

There are many more gift ideas in our online shop

If you like the idea of giving presents that are made from photographs then you might want to check out our online shop, where you’ll find many more ideas for making your loved ones happy with photos. There’s a picture box with 25 retro-style photos and an acrylic block for very special photos. Take a look and be inspired by our range of personalised gifts made with photos!

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