Wedding Photo Album Printing the Easy Way

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Looking for a wedding photo album printing service that’s user-friendly, versatile, and great value? MYPICTURE is the answer!

There are so many things to think about before and after a wedding – and it can all add up to a lot of stress! But now there’s at least one thing you don’t need to worry about. Let MYPICTURE handle your wedding album printing and we’re sure you’ll find the whole process quick, simple and hassle-free.

Read on and we’ll talk you through the process in this 4-step explainer. Thanks to MYPICTURE, the hardest part is choosing the wedding photos you love the most. Once you’ve placed your order online, we’ll deliver your brand-new album straight to your door!

All you need to print your wedding album:

How to print your wedding photo album – in brief:

  1. Choose design. Choose your MYPICTURE album design

  2. Choose specifications. Choose any album specifications needed

  3. Upload photos. Upload photos and customise each page

  4. Check out. Check out and wait for delivery!


Our wedding albums put quality first. Thanks to the premium materials used, and the exceptional print performance you’d expect from a market leader like MYPICTURE, these wedding photo books will do full justice to the most special day of all.

With 9 size formats and over 90 design templates, we’re sure you’ll find the perfect wedding album for you.

Our site lets you save your photo book design at any time and return to it later.

And you won’t believe our prices. Photo books start from just £4(!) and our most expensive album is just £44 for an imposing 44 x 30cm.

Step #1: Choose your Wedding Album Design

wedding photo album printing the easy way

Head to our photo book product page and click “CREATE A NEW PHOTO BOOK”. You’ll be taken straight to our huge selection of photo book templates. There are dozens to choose from!

You can select the Wedding + Romance section (at the top of the page) if you want to filter the designs for some classic wedding photo book styles. But you might prefer a quirkier design too! You’re in full control at every step.

Clicking on a design gives you a glimpse inside. When you’ve chosen your template, just click “Start design”.

Step #2: Choose your Wedding Album Specifications

wedding photo album printing the easy way

Next you need to make a few quick choices about the physical properties of your wedding album. You’ll be asked to make some or all of the following selections:

At every stage, the standard pricing is clearly shown. Note that you can choose additional pages later, but this will cost extra.

When you’re happy with your selections click “Design photo book now”.

Step #3: Upload Photos and Customise Your Wedding Album

wedding photo album printing the easy way

Next you’ll be taken to our customisation page. You’ll see a mock-up of your wedding album design, which you can leaf through page by page.

There are two menus that give you control over the various design features:

Left-Hand Menu

Click on the Photos section in the left-hand menu to start uploading your pictures.

In this menu you’ll also be able to add a versatile range of design features:

When you want to add a photo or design feature, simply drag-and-drop it onto the page or photo field of your choice.

Page-by-Page Menu

By each page of your wedding album mock-up you’ll see more design options:

Note: You can add a new 2-page spread to your wedding album at any time by clicking “Add Blank Page” in the bottom right-hand corner. You’ll see the change immediately reflected in the price of your wedding album.

When you’ve finished designing your wedding photo album, click the price button in the top right-hand corner to proceed to the shopping cart!

Step #4: Checkout

wedding photo album printing the easy way

In the cart you’ll see the price of your photo album along with the shipping & handling cost. (Shipping is free on orders over £49).

If everything looks correct, go through the purchase process, providing your shipping and payment details.

Once you’ve clicked “Buy Now”, your wedding photo album will go straight to production. You can sit back and relax, knowing that your book of priceless memories will be arriving within just 10-14 working days.

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