How To Make a Poster from a Picture

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Want to learn how to make a poster from a picture? Follow this brief tutorial and create a high-quality photo poster in minutes!

Making a poster from a photo is a fantastic way to showcase cherished memories, create personalised art, and add a unique touch to your space. Using online services such as, you can simply upload your photo, customise the design, and print your poster for a stunning display.

Thanks to MYPICTURE, you can now create a high-quality poster without investing too much of your time – or your finances. Read on to learn how!

In this Article:

  • What is a photo poster?
  • How to make your photo poster
  • Why order your photo poster from MYPICTURE?

What is a Photo Poster?

How To Make a Poster from a Picture. Gallery wall with multiple photo poster prints.

A photo poster from MYPICTURE is a poster made using any photo of your choice. Yes, unlike the posters you’ll see on the high street, our photo posters are fully customised.

Your photo will be printed on 260g/m² Fujifilm photo paper, giving you a wall decor piece that really is premium-class. The poster is available in 14 different sizes and comes with a matte finish.

It’s super-easy to hang and, best of all, it’s sold at a bargain price. The smallest format (30 x 20cm) costs just £3, while even the XL format (75 x 50cm) is no more than £9. Prices for custom wall decoration just don’t get much more wallet-friendly than that.

How to Make your Photo Poster

How To Make a Poster from a Picture. Multiple Photo Poster Sizes.

To make your photo poster, simply upload your photo, make a few simple customisation choices, and proceed to checkout. Here’s what you’ll need:

All you need to make a poster from a picture:

  • An image to print in digital storage

  • A computer/other device with internet access

  • No more than 5 minutes of your time!

How To Make a Poster from a Picture. Photo poster displayed in living room.

For convenience, we’ll break down the process into 5 simple steps.

How to make a poster from a picture – in brief:

  • Upload photo. Upload your photo to MYPICTURE

  • Choose size. Choose one of the 14 available sizes

  • Customise print. Customise your print – you can choose a black & white filter, or add text to your image

  • Proceed to cart. Proceed to the cart, check your items, and complete your order.

It’s as easy as that. Your personalised poster is just a few clicks away!

Why Buy Your Photo Poster from MYPICTURE?

How To Make a Poster from a Picture. Close up of photo poster print.

There are several reasons why MYPICTURE is the right choice to make your photo poster print.

Firstly, the simple, user-friendly purchase process. Secondly, prices that are just about impossible to beat.

But most of all, the sheer quality of the print reproduction. The state-of-the-art technologies used by MYPICTURE can produce truly exceptional results. You’ll be able to display these photo posters proudly in your living room – your guests will take them for the premium wall decor that they are.

Create an interior design feature that’s genuinely unique to you with custom photo posters from MYPICTURE. Turning your pictures into top-quality poster prints has never been easier!

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