Wall Art Trends 2024: The Year's Most Exciting Developments

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Read our guide to wall art trends 2024 before you go anywhere near a paint swatch! Our design experts have collected the hottest looks in trending wall art for 2024.

Wall art plays a crucial role in interior design, serving as a powerful tool to enhance the aesthetics and ambience of any space. As we venture into 2024, stay updated with the latest trends to make your walls come alive.

This article explores the top wall art trends for 2024. And if you’re inspired by the trend for floating frames for wall pictures, you’ll be happy to know that we sell exactly that decor solution here at MYPICTURE.

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Ceramic Wall Art

Ceramic wall art has captured attention for its versatility and aesthetic appeal. In 2024, we’re seeing an emergence of intricate, handcrafted ceramic designs. From Moroccan-inspired tiles to textured sculptures, ceramic wall art brings a tactile and artistic element to your space.

Explore the variety of patterns, shapes, and finishes available. Learn how to incorporate ceramic wall art strategically, such as creating a stunning focal point in a minimalist living room or adding depth to a gallery wall in a bohemian-inspired bedroom.

Wall Art Trends. Rustic ceramic tiles on wall.

Floating Frames

Minimalistic and modern, floating frames are gaining popularity as a sleek and elegant way to display artwork. Unlike traditional frames that encase the artwork completely, floating frames leave a gap between the edge of the artwork and the frame. This gives the illusion that the picture is “floating” within the frame.

Floating frames create a clean and streamlined look. If you want to create a sophisticated and contemporary gallery-like display in your space, this is one trend that you’ll want to follow!

Wall Art Trends. Canvas print inside floating frame.

Dark Floral Wallpaper

Dark floral wallpaper is a bold and captivating trend that’s taking firm hold in 2024. Picture lush, oversized flowers in rich, moody hues against a dark background. This unique contrast creates a sense of drama and sophistication in any room.

You can balance the intensity of dark floral wallpaper by complementing it with lighter furniture and accessories. Explore placement options, such as creating an accent wall in a dining area or incorporating it into a small powder room for a dramatic impact.

Wall Art Trends. Dark stylised floral wallpaper.


Plaster is making a significant comeback in wall art in 2024, offering a textured and organic appeal. It’s a trend that celebrates the beauty of imperfections and tactile surfaces.

From polished plaster finishes that exude a luxurious sheen to plaster relief panels that add depth and dimension, there are various ways to incorporate plaster into your walls. Discover how to use plaster to create a focal point in a modern living room or as a backdrop for minimalist artwork in a contemporary gallery wall.

Wall Art Trends. Patch of light in shadow against plastered wall.

Paint Framing

In 2024, a creative trend has emerged that involves using paint to frame windows and doors, offering a unique and visually striking effect. Instead of traditional framing materials such as wood or trim, this technique involves painting directly on the wall around the windows and doors.

By selecting a complementary or contrasting colour, you can accentuate these architectural features and create a cohesive and eye-catching look. Try incorporating techniques like colour blocking or adding decorative patterns to make your doors and windows stand out as captivating focal points in your space.

Wall Art Trends. Couple holding paintbrushes.

Earth Tones

Earth tones are making a strong comeback in wall art choices, offering a warm and grounded aesthetic. Embrace shades inspired by nature, such as warm terracotta, rich olive green, and earthy browns.

Try incorporating earth tones into your walls through painted accent walls, textured wallpapers, or even wall murals depicting natural landscapes. Discover how earth tones can create a calming and inviting atmosphere, making them ideal for bedrooms, living rooms, and home offices.

Wall Art Trends. Two large sofas in curtained room.

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