Make Your Own Jigsaw Puzzle Online: We Show You How

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At MYPICTURE you can make your own jigsaw puzzle online, printed with the photo of your choice. Read our quick guide to find out how.

We all know someone who’s jigsaw crazy! And it’s a great time to be a puzzle lover, with more and more great designs available on the market.

Nowadays you can even create your own jigsaw puzzle by using online services like ours. Our personalised puzzle is a top-quality item made using the photo you provide. It’s beautifully printed on carefully sourced materials – in a choice of 88, 300, or 1000 pieces.

And best of all? It’s in the same price range as mass-produced puzzles sold on the high street.

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Make Your Own Jigsaw Puzzle Online – Step #1: Choose Photo

Make Your Own Jigsaw Puzzle: We Show You How. Personalised puzzle with a photo of a young couple.

Creating your own jigsaw puzzle at MYPICTURE is so simple. Choosing the photo you want printed on your puzzle is the hardest part!

When choosing your image, just think about the main purpose of your custom puzzle:

Of course, if you find a picture that suits both purposes perfectly, all the better!

Note: As you’ll need to upload your photo to the internet, it will need to be in digital form. Nearly all photos are digital these days – but if you want to use an older picture in physical form, you’ll need to scan it to produce a digital copy.


Step #2: Upload Photo to MYPICTURE

Make Your Own Jigsaw Puzzle: We Show You How. Photo Puzzle Close-Up View.

Go to the product page for our custom puzzle and click “UPLOAD PHOTOS”. You’ll then be prompted to browse your device for an image to upload.

If everything’s in order with your digital photo, you’ll be taken straight to the product design page.

Note: If there’s any issue with the upload, you’ll see 1 of these 2 error messages:

 #1: “Image resolution insufficient”:

If your image doesn’t have a high enough pixel count (i.e. if it’s too small) then our system will reject it automatically. This is to make sure your printed picture is of the highest quality.

Our smallest jigsaw puzzle, the 88 piece puzzle, needs a digital image of at least 765 x 567 pixels.

#2: "Invalid file format”:

This error message means your digital image is in the wrong format. We can only accept .JPG, .JPEG, .PNG, or .GIF formats.


Step #3: Customise Puzzle

Make Your Own Jigsaw Puzzle: We Show You How. Personalised Puzzle with a Romantic Theme on a Table.

After you select your image file and it’s successfully uploaded, you’ll be taken to our product design page. You just need to make a very few simple choices, then click “Add to Shopping Cart” when you’re happy. The customisation options are as follows:

Choose Format

Choose the size of your puzzle. We offer a choice of three sizes:

Note: We only offer you our larger puzzles if your image is big enough to achieve a high-quality print in that size. If you don’t see the size you want, you’ll need to upload an image file with a higher pixel count.

Choose Effect

If you prefer, you can apply a monochrome filter here so your image is printed in black-and-white.


On the page you’ll see a mock-up of how your final print will look. You can adjust the print area by dragging your photo within the framing, or you can zoom in by adjusting the bar provided.

Add Text

If you want to include a message or dedication, you can do so by clicking the "Add Text" button. We offer a wide range of text fonts, colours, and sizes.


Step #4: Complete Order & Wait for Delivery

Make Your Own Jigsaw Puzzle: We Show You How. Cute Photo Puzzle with an Animal-themed Motif.

Once you’ve reached the shopping cart, review your item(s) and check that everything’s as you expected. If you’re happy to proceed, click “Secure Checkout”.

Note: If your MYPICTURE order is worth £49 or more, delivery is absolutely FREE to the UK mainland.

Once you’ve entered your delivery and payment details, complete your order and your custom jigsaw puzzle will begin production right away.

Our production and shipping times are as follows:

So in just a few days we’ll deliver your brand-new puzzle direct to your door!

MYPICTURE gives you all the tools you need to create your own jigsaw puzzle. Our personalised puzzles are absolutely unique, printed to the highest standard, and they guarantee you hours of fun, alone or with loved ones. So what are you waiting for? Create your own jigsaw now!

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