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Looking for inspirational quotes on canvas to help you chase your dreams? You can print your motivational quote on canvas right here at MYPICTURE!

We all find ourselves lacking motivation and encouragement once in a while. That’s why prints featuring inspirational quotes are so popular: they remind us what we’re aiming for – and what we’re capable of.

If you’re looking for some motivational wall art, MYPICTURE has the answer. We make canvas prints featuring any designs our customers provide – so all you have to do is upload an image file featuring an inspirational saying and we’ll reproduce it on canvas in superlative quality.

Can’t find a suitable image file with your quote? No problem. Our special Add Text function means you can superimpose your own quote on any picture file you upload. It’s easy!

Read on for full instructions for creating inspirational quotes on canvas wall art.

Step 1: Choose Your Inspirational Quote

Finding inspirational quotes online is easier than ever, thanks to the vast resources available on the internet. To begin your search, just type keywords such as "inspirational quotes" or "motivational quotes" into a search engine.

You’ll find websites specializing in quote collections, such as BrainyQuote or Goodreads, where you can discover quotations from famous authors, leaders, and thinkers.

If you’re looking for an actual image file to print on canvas, you’ll find a plethora of visually appealing quote images on Pinterest. And social media platforms like Instagram and Twitter are filled with accounts that share inspiring quotes in eye-catching fonts and designs.

When you find a quote you want to use, you have two options:

  1. Save or download an image file featuring your quote. (If there are any changes you want to make, you can try editing websites such as Canva. When you’re happy with the image file, it’s ready to upload to our website.)

  2. Just keep your quote handy for later. You’ll be able to superimpose it onto your print design using our Add Text function. (See Step 3.)

Inspirational Quotes on Canvas. Neon quote with words You Are Enough.

Step 2: Upload an Image

To start buying your inspirational canvas print at MYPICTURE, you’ll need to upload an image file. So you have two options here:

Upload the image file you saved in Step 1, with the quote already featured.

Upload another image file that will make a great background for your quote. This could be a beautiful photo of nature, an image of the person quoted, or a portrait of loved ones – anything you like. You’ll be able to add the quote later using our Add Text function.

You can start the uploading process by going to our Canvas Prints product page and clicking UPLOAD PHOTOS. Then you’ll be prompted to browse your device for the file.

Inspirational Quotes on Canvas. Neon quote with words Do What You Love.

Step 3: Customise Your Canvas

When you’ve uploaded your image, you’ll be taken to our product design page. You’ll have a choice of features for your canvas, and if necessary you can add your inspirational quote to the image. Note: Any changes you make to the design will appear in a mock-up of your print in the top right corner.

Review the design choices to the left of the page. They’ll include some or all of the following:

Satisfied with your choices? If you uploaded an image file with your inspirational quote already featured, you’re ready to check out. But if you still need to add your quote, follow the instructions below:

Superimposing Your Inspirational Quote:

The following content features will help you get the design you want:

You can add another text field by clicking “New Text” at bottom left.

When you’re finished, click “Save”.

Inspirational Quotes on Canvas. Chalked message Dream Big.

Step 4: Check Out

When you’re happy with all the product details of your inspirational canvas print, click “Continue to Shopping Cart”.

Enter your delivery details, choose your payment in, and complete your order. As soon as payment has cleared, we’ll get to work creating your inspirational quote on canvas wall art.

MYPICTURE is famous for the lightning turnaround of our canvas prints. We’ll have your wall art printed, wrapped on a wooden stretcher frame, and packed up ready for dispatch within just 24 HOURS.

You can expect your unique print to arrive in 4-6 working days from the moment you place your order.


Whether you're looking for daily affirmations, words of wisdom, or encouragement to chase your dreams, motivational quotes on canvas are the perfect way to make your wall art really speak to you! And MYPICTURE is the perfect canvas print provider for you!

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