How We Get Your Canvas Prints Delivered on Time

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Wondering how we get your canvas prints delivered on time? We explain the process – and all the factors affecting your delivery.

At MYPICTURE we make affordable canvas prints. Every item we produce is made-to-order, a top-quality print reproduction of a digital image which you upload to our website.

But even though every item we print is unique, we get your order delivered just as quick as many online stores selling ready-made, mass-produced canvas prints. So how do we do it?


In brief, we get your canvas prints delivered on time by relying on two things:

Firstly, we use a mixture of automated production processes and hands-on craftsmanship.

Secondly, we maintain excellent relationships with our hand-picked courier partners.

We explain the whole process below in two parts: Production and Delivery.

How We Get Your Canvas Prints Delivered on Time. Canvas prints featuring photos of horses.

Part 1: Production

Production begins as soon as we receive your payment.

Here’s a brief rundown of how we make your canvas prints:

Just 24 hours later, your prints are ready to be collected by our delivery partners...

How We Get Your Canvas Prints Delivered on Time. Industrial printer for Canvas photo printing.

Part 2: Delivery

Most of our packages are delivered by courier.

Each order is collected from our depot and taken to the courier’s processing centre before being grouped with other packages destined for your area.

Whether you live in the UK or Ireland, you can expect to wait 3-5 working days from the moment your parcel is collected.

Added to the 24-hour production time, that adds up to a total delivery time of 4-6 working days.


You’ll be sent a tracking code with your order confirmation email. You can use this to follow the progress of your order at the courier website.

Please note: Your package will show as “collected” only once it’s been scanned at the courier processing centre. So even if it’s listed as “ready for dispatch”, it could well already be on its way!

How We Get Your Canvas Prints Delivered on Time. Delivery van on road.

More Factors to Take into Account

OK, hopefully that’s explained the basic process!

But please note: We offer a personalised service, and our products are sent door-to-door. That means that there’ll be a few different factors in play for each unique order.

These factors can be grouped into four categories: What, When, Where and How.

What products are you ordering?

We’re proud to offer a 24-hour turnaround for canvas prints, as detailed above. However, this is limited to standard prints without any special design features.

If you choose either of the following design options, your canvas will take 2-3 working days to produce:

Note also: If you buy regular canvas prints (2cm thick, no premium frame) AND other products in the same order, all your prints will usually be dispatched together, and only when the last print is ready. But see “How is your order being delivered?” below for more info.

How We Get Your Canvas Prints Delivered on Time. Pair of beautiful canvas prints featuring photos of flowers.

When did you order?

Our factories are operational only on working days (Mon-Fri). That means your print will be ready for dispatch in 24 hours only if the day of your order and the next day are weekdays.

Note also that the number of collections that our couriers make per day varies, and sometimes they collect only once. If your print’s 24-hour production cycle ends after the last collection of the day, it won’t actually be in the hands of our couriers until the following day.

Where do you live?

If you live on Shetland or Anglesey, you might get a sense of déjà vu here. Because – yes – the part of the country where you live can sometimes affect your delivery time.

The vast majority of mainland addresses in the UK and Ireland will pose no problems for our intrepid delivery partners, but if your house is on a smaller island, or just in a particularly remote area, it could take an extra day for your order to arrive.

How We Get Your Canvas Prints Delivered on Time. Young woman receiving her parcel from courier.

How is your order being delivered?

You might have noticed that in our Delivery section above that we said MOST of our orders are delivered by courier services.

Small orders (1 or 2 items, in formats no larger than 40 x 30cm) will be shipped by local mail services instead. That means Royal Mail for the UK or An Post for Ireland.

So why this exception for small orders?

The answer’s simple enough: everything we sell is custom-made, and customised production is more expensive. So we just wouldn’t be able to charge such low prices for our smallest products if we had to pay for courier delivery too.

How We Get Your Canvas Prints Delivered on Time. Vintage interior design with photo canvas prints in walls.

What Else Can Cause Delays?

Seasonal Surges

Both our production team and our delivery partners are busier at peak shopping times, and of course this applies most of all in the lead-up to Christmas.

Every year we provide a guaranteed Christmas delivery deadline at our shop. Orders made after this date may still arrive in time, but we can’t offer any guarantee in these cases. Needless to say, we urge buyers to order as early as possible to minimise the chance of disappointment.

How We Get Your Canvas Prints Delivered on Time. Delivery courier figuring out his whereabouts.

Mishaps in Production or Delivery

We’re very proud of our delivery record, and we think that the delivery claims we make are very realistic. But our couriers are human, and – whisper it – we are too.

The following problems, though highly unlikely, are always possible:

These will always be exceptional cases! We keep our dedicated customer support team standing by to advise you on any worries you might have – and to make amends if you’ve been inconvenienced.

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