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A birthday photo book is perfect for honouring your own special day or giving a unique personalised gift to a loved one. Make it beautiful with MYPICTURE!

Birthdays hold a special place in our hearts. Even if someone in your life says they don’t want a present, you can bet they’re secretly hoping for something special! So, if you're searching for a one-of-a-kind birthday present, why not create a personalised birthday photo book?

Our photo book is more than just a collection of photos – MYPICTURE gives you the freedom to fully customise your gift, turning it into a unique tribute to a special moment in someone’s life. In this blog post, we'll discuss how to create a personalised birthday photo book and how to make the most of the different options available.

When to Give Someone a Birthday Photo Album

Birthday photo book: a family flipping through a photo book

A personalised photo book can be an awesome gift for any birthday, and there are some special occasions where it's simply perfect. Here are a few milestones when you absolutely can't go wrong with a photo book:

1st Birthday Photo Book

OK, the birthday boy or girl will probably be happy with a new rattle, but their parents will love a photo album featuring cute snaps of their one-year-old bundle of joy.

18th Birthday Photo Book

Celebrate your friend or relative reaching adulthood with an 18th birthday photo book that showcases their personality and aspirations.

40th Birthday Photo Book

A 40th birthday photo book can be a fun reflection on the past, present, and future, highlighting someone’s accomplishments and memorable moments while also showcasing their hopes and dreams.

70th Birthday Photo Book

Time to take a trip down memory lane! Include photos that showcase a lifetime of experiences and achievements.

Our Photo Book Template Guide

Birthday photo book: a close-up of a family-themed photo book

At MYPICTURE, we have more than 90 photo book templates for your projects, so you’re sure to find one that fits the giftee’s tastes perfectly. Whether you prefer classic or contemporary designs, or you want a template that’s specifically designed for baby photos, there's something for everyone.

Once you’ve chosen a template, you can customise your photo book even further – choosing the type of paper, the size, and even the binding type.

What Photos Work Best for Birthday Photo Albums?

Birthday photo book: a woman flipping through a photo book

Selecting the right images is crucial in a birthday photo album. You’ll want to choose images that are not only high-quality but also meaningful – ones that capture the essence of the birthday person's life.

One great approach is to start by selecting photos from different stages of their life, from childhood to the present day. That way you can tell a visual story that reflects their journey and growth over the years.

Birthday photo book: a photo book with many pictures

Try to include candid shots that capture their personality – show them laughing with friends or enjoying a favourite hobby. The best photos for a birthday photo album are the ones that bring back cherished memories and represent the person's unique character and experiences.

If they’re reaching a particular milestone, we suggest that you include some special quotes and inspirational images that match the book's design and the giftee’s personality. This way you can create a cohesive item that’s much more than just a collection of pictures.

More Tips for Perfect Photo Books

Birthday photo book: a large photo book on the table

If you want to make a birthday photo book for someone but you don't have access to their photos, don't worry! There are still plenty of options available to you.

One approach is to ask their family and friends to provide photos and stories that can be included in the book.

Another option is to focus on creating a book that celebrates the future, rather than the past. You could include inspirational quotes or messages, as well as photos that represent the recipient's hopes and dreams for the future.

Whatever approach you choose, remember that the key is to create a book that captures the recipient's essence and celebrates their unique qualities and experiences, even if you don't have direct access to their personal photos.


In conclusion, a birthday photo book is a wonderful way to celebrate a special occasion and show someone how much you care. Whether you're creating a book for a loved one or for yourself, it's an opportunity to reflect on cherished memories, celebrate milestones, and honour the unique qualities and experiences that make each person special.

With the right approach and some creative thinking, you can design a birthday photo book that tells a beautiful story. So why not give the gift of memories and create a birthday photo book that will be treasured for years to come? For an in-depth tutorial on how to create your own unique picture album, check out our article on how to make a photobook!

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