MixBlox for £6 each

  • 25mm-thick acrylic glass blocks
  • Vivid reproductions of your photos
  • 5 x 5cm format with impressive 3D effect
  • Collect them, stack them, mix them up together!


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Highly recommend

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Format Retail Price1 Special Price
5 x 5 cm £19.90 £6.00

MixBlox: Collect and display

  • personalised photo towel detailed view

Our MixBlox give you unlimited creative freedom. Playful and tactile, the easy-to-handle acrylic glass blocks give you limitless flexibility – and they’re sure to captivate the eye with their stunning depth of field. MixBlox might be small but they’re bursting with XL personality! A tip: buy several MixBlox together and you can combine, switch and rearrange your pictures whenever you like!

  • Crystal-clear mini acrylic blocks
  • Sturdy and impact-resistant
  • No additional support required
  • Transparent edges with stunning reflections
  • Superbly vibrant photo printing

Exceptional print on acrylic glass

Your pictures will be printed directly onto the back of the 5 x 5cm acrylic blocks. Our tried and tested UV direct-print procedure guarantees accurate reproduction of the colours and details, while the 25mm-thick acrylic glass further enhances each image with a striking 3D effect. Printed with your personal photos, your MixBlox will be turned into miniature works of art!

Boundless creative possibilities

MixBlox are playful but they create a sophisticated visual effect. However you display your blocks – as single accent pieces or grouped together in a cluster – your pictures will catch the eye. The acrylic glass makes your photos come to life, enriching the colour gradients and producing magical reflections. “Mix and match” your MixBlox and you’ll constantly be discovering new visual combinations!

Lively addition to any desk

Is your desk lacking that bit of personality? Your bookshelf missing a certain flair? Want to liven up your nightstand but feel restricted by limited space? Then MixBlox are the photo product for you. Their convenient dinky size means they’ll fit in almost anywhere, making them the perfect addition to any corner of your home or workspace that could use a little more character!

Start building your collection

MixBlox give you an outsize wow factor that’s far greater than their modest size. With their convenient space-saving qualities, once you’ve experienced MixBlox you’ll want your collection to keep growing and growing! They’re ideal as a gift for your loved ones or as a little something just for you. With MixBlox every memory is a building block for great interior design!

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