Photo taking habits Infographic reveals that

British men take more photos of food than women!

..and 5 more surprising facts on the photo taking habits of the United Kingdom’s residents

16.05.2016. United Arts GmbH has released an infographic that reveals how the subject before the lens can be affected by the gender of the photographer.

A study, conducted by one of the leading companies in the field of customized wall art decorations, United Arts GmbH, shows that the subject before the lens can differ, depending on the gender of the photographer. United Arts has analysed more than 100,000 photos taken from over 1,000,000 canvases printed and ordered via the website by the British Isles residents. The statistics show some pretty interesting tendencies regarding each gender and their photography preferences!

Six surprising truths:

  1. Selfies & Portraits

    First and foremost, we love to take photos of ourselves. The women of the United Kingdom definitely take the cake at this, beating the United Kingdom men by a considerable amount!

  2. Party photography

    Partying involves a lot of picture-taking. Once again, it is the United Kingdom women who are conquering this particular field of photography. Men are close by in this department, but still losing by a very slight majority.

  3. Pet photography

    Pet time! Fluffy, big or small, an animal in action is always a photo-worthy sight! Pet photography is something that both the women and men of the United Kingdom share their passion for and do so on an almost equal measure!

  4. Vehicles

    Automobile photography has always been somewhat of a boy’s game, but that is about to change! We can watch another stereotype dissolve before our eyes. In just a few years the 24 Hours of Le Mans will be a girly day out!

  5. Sunrises & Sunsets

    One might be surprised by this, as taking pictures of sunrises and sunsets is traditionally considered to be more romantic, characteristic to a more feminine sensibility. Lesson learned - don’t believe in stereotypes!

  6. Food

    And another surprise right here. Contradictory to what we are used to seeing on social media, men are actually more likely to take pictures of food and drink. We rarely see who’s behind the camera, so there’s no way to know if our assumption is right!

INFOGRAPHIC: British men take more photos of food than women!

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